Dry Kids All In One Review

I don’t think the weather has been too kind on us this “summer” and the school holidays were pretty lame weren’t they with regards to the good old British weather. Autumn has suddenly hit and it is freezing cold and raining the majority of the time. Thankfully I was contacted to see if I wanted to review some Dry Kids children’s gear. I jumped at the chance as cold, rainy weather always controls the things we can do with the children and I’m desperate to still get out no matter what the weather brings.

dry kids gruffalo adventure

I chose some bright pink All In Ones for the girls. These stunningly bold outfits are waterproof and although they have that horrible plastic smell when you first open them, they are really good quality. The cuffs of the arms and legs are elasticated to give a close fit to prevent damp clothes. The hoods have a bigger lip over the front which I think is great as most hoods tend to fall off or only fit over half of your head. I would also note that the sizes come up quite big, I personally don’t mind this as it means they’ll probably be used next winter too. P1 is wearing aged 5-6years, P2 in 3-4years and P3 in 1year. 

dry kids

I have had so many people comment on their all in one outfits already. One of my friends has placed an order for her children already! The outfits are zipped up along the middle and straight down on me of the legs, this makes it really easy to get on and off especially when covered in mud or dripping with rain.

I am so thankful to have these outfits for the coming months. It enables the girls to get out and play no matter what the weather holds. I also love that it protects their clothes when we go for a walk in the woods or for when my parents took them on the Gruffalo Trail. At just £11.40 each these are a complete steal for autumn and winter.



Value for Money

A fantastic outfit!

We are now able to go on adventures no matter what the weather! A complete bargain.

User Rating: 4.65 ( 1 votes)

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