Early Riser

As I’ve previously mentioned in my post How Much Is Too Much? my 4 year old daughter tends to nap during the day.

It’s been a worry to me. Her sleep pattern that is.

This morning at 6:30am there was a knock on our bedroom door – morning P1 Still dark and far too early I took her back to her bedroom. Told her that it was still night time and that I’d come and get her when it was morning.

Yes ok she was a bit upset about this idea. But didn’t kick up a fight – she just went back to sleep.

At just after 8am she arrived downstairs. She’s a changed child!!! So happy, so content and hilarious today.

From now on I’m most certainly sending her back to bed because it’s quite clear that she needs to sleep until 8am. Call me mean… Say life is too short… This is what’s best for my girl and my life!

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  1. I wish my children would go back to sleep when I tell them. My older one in particular often could use more sleep but when he is up, watch out!

  2. All children are different my lo doesn’t need much sleep at all you do what you feel us right 🙂 x

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