Easter At Blackgang Chine – IOW 2018

Every morning at The Orchards Holiday Park feels relaxed and slow, such a contrast to normal life at home. On our Wednesday morning we got to meet the lovely lady that was hosting us at the holiday park before heading out for a day at Blackgang Chine.

I talk about it all of the time, Blackgang Chine is our absolute favourite thing to do on the Isle Of Wight. This year it is celebrating its’ 175th birthday which is incredible! It was also the Easter holidays during our visit so we picked to go on one of the few dates they had a special Easter Eggsplorers event on. 

We had gone prepared, with everybody wearing many layers and the girls in their all in one dry suits perfect for climbing. Blackgang Chine is an all outdoor world of imagination. We’ve only ever been on nice sunny days and even on those nice sunny days, it’s extremely windy as it is right on the cliff edge.

The characters and staff wandering around Blackgang are always full of life and enthusiasm. We met a Pirate Captain who had one of the eggs we were looking for on his ship. The aim of the Eggsplorers Quest was to find the symbols on each egg dotted around Blackgang to help crack the word code. The eggs were actually quite hard to find in some places.

You can sort of walk around Blackgang Chine in a loop, as such, which is brilliant in my opinion. You don’t miss anything. Part of the ticket cost includes a free 7 day return visit which we have used in our previous year visits. The weather had definitely put a dampener on our day but that didn’t stop us having so much fun.

After a quick stop for some doughnuts, this seems to be our little tradition when near the Underwater World, we went for a fossil dig with some more of the Easter characters. I was so surprised to learn that they could keep the little toys they dug up. A great idea!

We then headed to the top part of Blackgang. What we had started noticing is that everything has been given a lick of paint, new walk ways added and general tidying up and freshening up. Blackgang is looking really good but what’s great is that the attractions aren’t really changing and they honestly don’t need to!

The girls started to get a little bit hangry so we decided to head back to the entrance area for some food in the restaurant. There are a few spots where you can grab a quick snack or drink, but we love the restaurant. The food has always been really good quality, slightly higher in price than it should be but the taste makes up for the hit on the wallet.

Last time we ordered a pizza to share, this time Hubby and I had fish & chips, with the girls having a variety of jacket potatoes and P3 having sausages. It went down very well and all of us felt extremely full and ready for the rest of the cold afternoon. It had actually been raining on and off the entire time.

To let our food go down a little bit, the girls had a nice relaxed ride on some dinosaurs. This attraction wasn’t actually available when we last visited but was the year before that. It’s an extra charge but the girls laugh so much on this so it’s worth it. The staff was also so energetic and really brought it all to life.

There’s a little amusement/theme park area at Blackgang Chine which P2 loves. She wasn’t tall enough for the rollercoaster last year which caused tears, but this time she was and we ended up riding it twice (Hubby and I) with her which worked out at eight loops of the track! Needless to say I felt a little wobbly but P2 was laughing so much. She’s a real thrill seeker. All of the rides are free of charge and include a spinning teacup type ride, and a water slide too.

Due to the weather and you can probably tell from the photos, Blackgang Chine was pretty empty. It felt a little bit creepy walking around by ourselves as we are used to it being absolutely packed of people and feeling quite anxious keeping an eye on all three girls. Our day, despite the awful weather, was much more relaxed and we could take more time looking at moving dinosaurs and other lands of imagination. We decided to have one more look around the dinosaurs and then have a play in the pirate area before heading back to the holiday park.

One thing I do want to note is that the Eggsplorer Quest was relatively difficult, requiring you to figure out clues and wander around the park to find the eggs with the symbols. On the way out the prize was just one very small egg. I know that sounds a little selfish and pathetic probably, but after experiencing receiving a large chick chocolate lollipop for each child at the IOW Steam Railway, to get a tiny chocolate egg felt rather disappointing. Three might have made it a little more rewarding.

Our evening felt like a bit of a blur of exhaustion to be honest. We enjoyed an evening of swimming fun at The Orchards Holiday Park and then sat together for some spaghetti bolognese. It’s a firm favourite for our family so we were all full for bedtime.

I have eight blog posts from our most recent trip to the Isle of Wight and there’s a whole playlist for my Isle Of Wight holiday videos and I’d love it if you could pop over and take a watch. I hope you enjoy our video below.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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