An Easter Egg Hunt At Marsh Farm

I have not really thought about Easter. Last year I was really excited about it all and I put together a basket of goodies for the girls to enjoy during their school holidays. We spent a weekend at my Grandad’s and had an amazing time at the Marsh Farm Easter event. This year, I haven’t really had much planned and I certainly haven’t put together an Easter basket of goodies.

One thing that did happen is we got an invitation to head back to Marsh Farm and I was so excited. We had such a brilliant time last time so I decided to invite my Grandad, my MiL, her partner and my BiL. It was going to be a lovely family adventure. We all met at Marsh Farm for opening time and we started with some pig feeding and seeing the cute little lambs on our way to one of the Theatres for an Amazing Animal Show.

Marsh Farm has many daily activities on when it isn’t a special event time but we went during the Easter Eggstravaganza week. Between 11am and 3pm they have the Easter Walk open. This was different to last year and I was really interested to see the changes. As always the brilliant Mad Hatter was on hand to entertain and gear us up for the egg hunt. He hilariously chose my Grandad to take part in some funny dancing. You can find the clip in my vlog below or click here for the specific moment my Grandad got hugged by a chick.

The egg hunt was set in a gorgeously decorated pathway. The Mad March Hare was on hand to take eggs out of the buckets. The aim is to find six different eggs but you can collect as many as you want to. P1 and P2 ran on ahead with my MiL. P3 took everything so incredibly seriously, it was adorable! She was like that last year and got all excited about the different eggs as she piled them into her bucket. At the end of the walk you have to hand the eggs in for either a small toy or a bag of Mini Eggs. A really brilliant prize, last year you were given a handful of foil wrapped eggs.

The Easter Egg Hunt ended right by the Bouncy Pillows. This year, thankfully, the weather was dry and the girls could happily bounce on and off the pillows without the worry of wet socks. We spent a long time in this area then headed to the indoor Play Barn where we enjoyed some cooked food. The service was much quicker than it was last year and we were all pleasantly surprised by the food. The girls played safely in the play area and it was nice to warm up. Despite being sunny it was still quite chilly at the beginning of the day.

I spotted an ice cream van and my lovely Grandad bought all the kids (and me) an ice cream. I went for a walk around the farm to get P3 to sleep as she had got a little grumpy. The rest of our gang headed for the tractor ride that goes up through the marsh lands. I got a little rest once P3 had fallen asleep and sat near the brand new climbing frame. I say brand new, it was apparently built last summer but I hadn’t seen it when we visited at Christmas time.

We spent a long time in the play area. It is absolutely brilliant for all walking ages and even P3 enjoyed herself. Obviously I had to take part too, being a small person I get away with these things. My MiL was really impressed by the free carousel and teacup rides. The kids had many turns on them and I was sure they’d make themselves sick with the teacups. The member of staff who was looking after the carousel was so sweet, he took lots of interest in us and we talked about how far Marsh Farm has come since I was a child.

We finished our day by moving to the outdoor play area near the start of the farm. We all warmed up with some hot drinks and watched the children play. I honestly didn’t think we would be at Marsh Farm for the entire time it was open. Our day was super chilled out and just perfect. I honestly could not fault the efforts at Marsh Farm. I can’t believe how much it changes and improves every time we go. I am planning the next big event there and would love to experience their Halloween event.

Don’t forget to check out my video from our day at Marsh Farm! Oh, and please subscribe it means a lot to me.

Disclosure: We received free entrance to Marsh Farm

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