Our Easter Sunday 2016

I didn’t think I’d celebrate Easter in the way we have. The past few years have seen Easter creep up, we buy a gift or an Easter egg at last minute and then brush the whole event off quite quickly. This year I have made so much effort to make Easter special.



Originally we were meant to go to two community egg hunts but the weather crushed those plans. I did try to take the girls to the park during a dry half hour but whilst we were there the rain poured and we all got aboalurelt drenched. Instead we were forced to make a last minute egg hunt or in our case, use chicks, indoors with a Kinder Egg as the prize.



The girls still have their Thorntons eggs to eat and lots of craft things to make. Our Easter celebrations are not over though as today we are heading off for an egg hunt with family and more activities that are on during the school holidays. It most certainly feels like a really special Easter this year and I hope that we have started to make some new traditions.

What did you do this Easter? Here’s a little video of our adventures:

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  1. We didn’t really do much for Easter this year. We went for a family swim on Good Friday and then went to the park as the weather was gorgeous.

    Fab photos and looks like you have a fab day/weekend.

    Laura x

  2. Looks like you had a fab day and a belated Happy Easter. Our little boy is only 20 months old so we didn’t actually do anything special for Easter. We’re trying to keep him away from chocolate as long as possible.

    Laura x

  3. Lovely photos. Such a shame the weather changed your plans. I usually plan a few fun things over the Easter weekend bad sadly this year I have had swine flu so spent the entire time in bed. My husband took the little ones on an egg hunt to our local National Trust property on Good Friday – luckily it was dry so they had a great time but I was gutted to miss out. x

  4. aww too cute! i love those little chicks! looks like you had a fab day 🙂

  5. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    It looks like you had a really lovely day – it was so warm where we are on Sunday, but today has been awful. It means we’ve cancelled our plans which sucks! H x

  6. The weather didn’t really change our plans as we had a lovely Friday but the rest f the weekend we didn’t have much planned. So I was quite lucky. Those are lovely photos and looks like you had a lovely weekend x

  7. The weather really did put a dampener on things didn’t it? we did an easter egg hunt indoors too, I didn’t trust the sudden bursts of rain to risk going outdoors! lol

  8. We did the easter egg hunt and then went out for lunch with our family. It was such a wet day that we could only do the hunt inside which I was a bit gutted about 🙁 boo same as last year too!

  9. The weathers changed our plans a lot this weekend too which has been annoying. We did manage to get out for an egg hunt but yesterday had to do it inside to avoid the torrential downpours. Glad you had a good time though :)!

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