Easy Easter Nests Recipe

Look at me coming to you with a recipe post. I haven’t done one of these for a while, have I?

Following Christmas, Easter is the next fun excuse to overindulge is chocolate treats. A real classic is the Easter Nest and they are super easy to make.

There’s just three main ingredients plus some cake cases required for these Easter nests.

1) Rice crispies. I’d say about 80g but it’s a little bit of a trial and error situation once you’ve melted your chocolate.

2) Milk chocolate. We used two 100g bars of a supermarket own brand but you could use leftover Easter eggs, posh choccie like Cadbury or Galaxy. It’s your own choice!

3) Mini eggs to decorate or you could pop on some of those cute pom-pom chicks. I wasn’t quite prepared for that when my girls asked to make these much earlier than Easter!

4) Cupcake cases. I was quite pleased to find some spring coloured cases in my cupboard but any cupcake case would work. I’m quite loving the little cupcake cups.

The method is very easy. I like to melt the chocolate by breaking it into small pieces and placing into a medium-sized bowl. Then I boil a kettle of water and pour that into a small saucepan. Immediately place the bowl of chocolate over the top. It goes without saying if you’re doing this with children keep them supervised at all times, boiling water stays boiling for a long time!

I then stir the chocolate continuously until it’s nearly melted then remove from the heat. This is the easiest way to not burn your chocolate. You can do it in the microwave but I always over melt and then it turns clumpy. You don’t want clumpy chocolate.

Next up, start to pour your rice crispies into the melted chocolate. Do this gradually and make sure to coat each one in chocolate. I find getting the good ratio of chocolate to rice crispies hard! Too much chocolate can lead to a very difficult to eat nest, but too little makes it very crumbly.

Once the mixture is stirred together, spoon into your cupcake cakes. Pop your decoration on top and either pop in the fridge for 10 minutes or leave them somewhere cool to harden up.

The very last thing… except tidying away obviously… is to enjoy your Easter treats. Don’t they look yummy?

Eva helped me film a quick demonstration video which I hope you’ll enjoy.

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