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Without being an expert I have grown to know that children learn best through play. This is what I have learnt over my six years of parenting and so when I was asked to review George at Asda’s educational toy range I was thrilled.


We used to live right next door to an Asda but the toy section was pretty dismal as it was a small store. When I went onto their website to choose the toys we wanted I was quite astounded by the selection. There’s so much! I picked something for all three girls using the focus categories; Lego and construction, arts and crafts, and educational and development. We had a budget of up to £80. Here are our finds:

playdoh rainbow dash

PlayDoh Rainbow Dash Style Salon

The girls have literally been bugging at me for weeks to get this for them thanks to TV advertising. They also love PlayDoh at the moment. Rainbow Dash allows them to get creative and really boost their imaginations. She comes with 6 PlayDoh pots too so plenty of hours of fun.

Play-Doh Swirl and Scoop Ice Cream Playset

PlayDoh Swirl & Scoop Ice Cream

I actually really love this set and find it one of the best PlayDoh sets we’ve had. You are able to create loads of different shapes to put on your ice creams and it’s not too big either. The girls have been able to play shops together so it’s been useful for enhancing sharing, role play and social development.

teksta newborn kitty

Teksta Mini Newborn Kitty

She’s an interactive robo-kitten. I have to admit I was expecting a little bit more from her, but she’s still super cute and P1 adores her. Taking her to bed with her every night. What’s even better is that she has an off switch!

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

P3 is often overlooked when we buy things for the other two. Nearly all of her toys are hand-me-downs from her big sisters so I made sure I remembered her this time. I love how this musical table can be used as a floor toy without the legs giving it greater longevity. It’s been a hit with all three girls and with P3 sitting now she is beginning to enjoy it too. The colours are bold and there’s lots of different noises. It also has a French language option.

lego digger

LEGO Creator Power Digger

This was a little out of the ordinary things that I would buy my daughters but P2 seems to have a strange love of diggers/trucks and will point them out wherever we go, especially the venue for our playgroup we attend which is having the playground refurbished. LEGO has been around for donkeys years and it was lovely to watch Hubby sit and make the digger with P2.

Before, I wouldn’t have thought about George at Asda for buying toys, but now I really will! The prices are competitive and we always used to shop at Asda because of prices. Unfortunately, our nearest store is over a 30 minute drive away.



Excellent range of toys at George Asda.

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