Egg and Chips with a Twist

When you’ve had a long day and you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, egg and chips is always a reliable dish to fall back on. It serves up that comfort-food kick and is plenty filling enough, without you needing to toil over a hot hob. I love having this quick, easy meal up my sleeve – especially if I’m cooking for fussy eaters. However, now and again it’s nice to spice up these old favourites. I love experimenting in the kitchen and I’ve found a few ways to take the traditional egg and chips and turn it into something more exciting. From using different kinds of eggs to changing up the chips you buy, there’s plenty of ways to make this homely classic a bit more interesting.

Change up the chips

You really can’t go wrong with chips. Whether you’ve got a fryer at home and you sit peeling and chopping potatoes or you’re an oven chips fan, you can change up this dish as often as you like. From deliciously crispy French fries to thick, chunky chips, you can appeal to every set of tastebuds. Try prepping your chips up with different kinds of seasoning too. Forget salt and pepper, give paprika a go! It’ll warm up the coldest days, without being too hot for people who don’t like spice. You could also try grating cheese over the chips to create everyone’s favourite cheesy chips, or sprinkling chopped up rosemary and chunky sea-salt on top, for a gourmet spin. If you make your own chips, creating potato wedges isn’t dissimilar – and kids love them.

Experiment with eggs

I love my eggs sunny-side up, but it’s nice to mix things up a bit too. We all know that dipping our chips into the golden runny yolk is the best bit, so why not cook your eggs in a way that maximises your dip-ability? Try changing things up with poached eggs or a soft-boiled egg to get the most from your favourite part. If you want to get really adventurous with eggs, you could try creating a chip butty made from eggy bread. If you’re adding something extra to your meal, like ham, you could even whip up a bowl of scrambled eggs – perfect for a warming lunch, or what about being really brave and using different eggs? Duck eggs would go down brilliantly with well-seasoned chips!

Add something extra

If you feel your egg and chips needs an addition, there’s plenty that goes well with it. From thick slices of honey-roasted ham or gammon, to smoked salmon or honey-infused mackerel, you can turn this simple dish into something quite spectacular with the right extras. Sauces can add a special twist to egg and chips too. Save your ketchup and your brown sauce and instead, try sweet barbecue or tangy salad cream. You could even push the boat out and make your own salsa, which always works a treat!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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