Embracing My Middle Daughter

I frequently forget to focus on all the great things my girls do. Instead getting fixated on the bad, the naughty behaviour or habits they have. Stuck in the same rut of routine and the battle of bedtime. But it’s the start of our Easter holidays, well for P2 anyway as her nursery always breaks up a week earlier than P1, and I’m determined to focus on the brilliant things my girls do and have fun.


Yesterday it felt like everything was focused on my beautiful 3 year old. Hubby switched with me and did the morning school run walk with P1 so that I could spend some time with P2 and P3. They now only get two full days with each other and I think P3 quite enjoyed having her sister around. Everything has been completely up in the air and our usual routines gone amiss since the car has been in the garage, it was nice to feel some sense of normality.

I decided to delve into our Easter basket early and let P2 make the Bunny Bunting for our lounge as a way to start bringing Easter and spring time into our home. The bunnies are precut with pre punched holes in them for threading. I wasn’t sure how P2 would be with them as the holes were quite small. But she sat, concentrating so hard as popped the thread through two holes in each bunny. All except the last four as the thread started to come apart a little.


When Hubby came back from the school run P2 was so proud to show him her bunting. Cute little Spring bunnies with pompom tails and bow ties. She then got dressed so she was ready to go into town with Nannie and Hubby. I felt this sense of independence from her yesterday. P2 is a completely different child since starting nursery which really becomes evident when she spends time at home.

It definitely felt like yesterday was all about her. She managed to earn quite a few stars for good behaviour and I did really focus on her good side rather than the extremely cheeky other side. In the afternoon P3 stayed home with Hubby and P2 came on the long school walk to get big sister. P1 had an open event with her Brownies where the adults could come and have tea, cake and biscuits. We’d decided that P2 would probably enjoy it more than P3.


She did. She was running around the hall all excited. Talking so confidently to the other adults and Brownies. She asked for her own drink of water. It’s very rare I get to take her out by myself and I don’t really get to appreciate her, the way she is growing. Call it middle child syndrome I suppose or more the fact she’s a Daddy’s girl. It really was lovely to watch her and spend time with her yesterday. 

It scares me just how quick they are all growing up. This Easter is planned to be one that we embrace family time. We want to go out on day trips as soon as we have our car back, hopefully tomorrow, and let the girls have bonding time as a three again. The last half term was pretty good so I have high spirits for this one.

Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to see the good in your kids?

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  1. beautiful pictures, and I love the bunny bunting. It must be hard to divide your time so well. xx

  2. It’s tricky balancing your time between all the kids isn’t it. I feel constantly pulled in different directions so it’s really special when you get some one on one time with each of them. Easter is such a lovely time for crafts – enjoy! x

  3. So nice to get some one to one time, I have three kids and it is quite rare to be able to give one of them my full attention. Love the bunny bunting, going to check your Easter basket post to see where it is from.

  4. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I love this. I often worry that I don’t “focus” enough on Toby so I can really relate to wanting that special time with the middle child. I love that bunting – we’re going to be making some on Friday morning! H x

  5. How pretty is that bunny bunting! Glad you had a lovely day together, I don’t know how you manage with three! Hats off x

  6. That bunny bunting is gorgeous. It sounds like you had a fabulous day with P2. And that she did so well to win lots of gold stars for good behaviour. She sounds delightful and you should be really proud. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  7. Looking so forward to easter I am planning on making some bunny biscuits with my two this weekend. The bunting looks lovely too. it is always nice to spoil each children with our attention. x

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