End of 2013 Resolution Reflection

I set 13 goals for 2013. Then half way through the year I reflected on my progress. Now… Well now 2013 is to an end and my golly it’s been a rough year. They say 13 is an unlucky number and for me that’s true. I’m really hoping 2014 will bring happiness and fun!

Goodbye 2013s, 13 goals:

1) Become a mother of two I had no choice in this one really, and I’m so happy and proud of my girls.

2) Conquer breastfeeding I managed 6months of breastfeeding but unfortunately P2 decided enough was enough. This coincided with the fact I’d spent a stressful day away from her in hospital. It was an upsetting time but I’m proud that I achieved 6 months.

3) Join a gym I won’t be joining a gym… I walk twice daily for the school run and occasionally do a workout app in the evenings.

4) Eat healthier Erm… I eat more of a variety?! I wouldn’t say it’s healthier. Failed.

5) Keep motivated in my domestic tasks Since we’ve moved I’ve managed to keep the house sort of ticking by. We yoyo a lot of the time between being spotless to a dump, but it’s generally tidy and clean. I hoover about three times each day.

6) Keep my finances in order I don’t fill in my spreadsheets anymore. I just know that I’m not in the minuses which is great for me!

7) Move house We moved!!! I love our new home too. Ok it’s tiny but at least we’re no longer living from one room.

8) Keep Blogging and Vlogging I gave up vlogging. But my blog is still growing strong and I’ve achieved so much through it!

9) Change my attitude **hides under duvet** I think my attitude is firmly built into me, especially rising through stressy times. I like to think I manage it better than I used to but I think my hubby would disagree considering he’s usually the one taking the brunt of it.

10) Take time out for my OH We actually don’t get very many times where it’s just us two. Our evenings are usually interrupted by me rushing upstairs to a stirring P2.

11) Take time out for me I had more time to myself at the start of the year. I do miss it sometimes but I quite like the role of housewife so my quiet evenings with my hubby are ok.

12) Become more social I tend to go to one baby group each week. I also talk to the parents up the school a lot which is something I was always so nervous about.

13) Return to work a new improved employee Original plan was to extend my maternity leave to the 2nd January 2014. Well I’m now officially a stay at home mum. I love it actually. I didn’t think I would and there’s times I want to retreat to my old job but then I remember the reasons why I’m at home and remember how wonderful it feels snuggling on the sofa for P2s day time naps.

Now I’ve got to try and think of some new goals or resolutions for 2014.

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R!!!!!!

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