End Of Summer Visit To Eagle Heights

With only one more weekend left until school life and routines return, we felt like we should make the most of it. We had tickets for Eagle Heights sitting on the side for pretty much the entire summer holidays but hadn’t managed to fit a day in to make our visit. My mother-in-law also had tickets so we teamed up for a day out together to mark the last Saturday of our holidays.

Admission to Eagle Heights costs £8.95 for adults and £4.95 for ages 3-14 years. We have never been before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The approach to Eagle Heights was very different to other places we’ve been to before, it was along a country lane with little workshop type buildings. The car park is in a gravelled field and there’s a huge banner to mark the entrance to Eagle Heights.

In the entrance you are greeted with some reptiles before getting to the ticket desk. I didn’t find the ladies very welcoming if I’m completely honest, they didn’t ask if we’d been before or explain when the different encounter times were. She gave us our stickers for entry and we made our own way with the map I already had sent to me with my tickets.

To the left of the gift shop/entrance area is where the main set of beautiful birds of prey sit. They are all on little perches tied up. Each bird has a information sign near them which is brilliant for teaching the kids. P2 was wandering around pretty quickly past the birds whereas P1 took her time to read, she’s really in to her reading at the moment. P3 sat in the pushchair having a whinge about something or rather. The usual.

You sort of walk around in a circle, seeing the birds, meerkats and then out onto the playground area. Obviously kids are definitely more interested in the play areas. Eagle Heights felt really busy, it’s a small place and it was a beautiful day so obviously we all had the same idea of where to go. 

There’s two sections for the play area. An older area and a younger area. The older area is definitely ok for younger children too which I loved. We spent a little bit of time in the play area before heading back round for the Bird Handling inside the building.

The queue was pretty long despite there being two different birds to queue for. A lovely Owl and a stunning Bald Eagle. P3 got very agitated queuing. She doesn’t do well in busy situations and this was a noisy and crazy busy area. We waited for about twenty minutes before being able to hold the owl. The girls loved it though so it was well worth the wait. P3 got too shy to hold the owl even though she was allowed to. They ask for a small donation for handling the birds and Eagle Heights is a non-profit organisation, so of course we donated.

Eagle Heights has a cute little reptile house. The girls loved seeing the crocodile who was still as a rock as they always are. There’s some great facts painted on the wall inside the reptile house. Just outside of the house is the outside birds and they have much bigger enclosures which was lovely to see.

The next priority for us was to go to the Husky Meet & Greet. Eagle Heights have over 20 Huskies in their pack. They also offer Husky Camping and Experience Days which I am super interested in. P2 loves dogs so this was really up her street. We managed to get a front row seat for the greet and the talk was really interesting. The man leading the greet was really knowledgeable and kept everyone’s enthusiasm going.

The sun was beaming down on us and I felt totally sorry for the Huskies that have specially designed fur for snow. After a good long wait to get a stroke of the two Huskies, the bird show was about to begin. Again this was such a brilliant show and the girls loved seeing the birds fly. Being in the front row we was able to get really close to the huge Eagles flying above us.

Although we had a brilliant afternoon at Eagle Heights, they girls were in really grumpy moods. P3 was especially difficult the entire day, very clingy and touchy feel-y whereas the other two were complaining they were hungry. We’d had enough of the demands and decided to go home after the bird show so we didn’t get to see the pigs and the Husky enclosure which was a shame.

I filmed parts of our time at Eagle Heights in my first vlogtember weekend vlog on my YouTube channel. Just in case you didn’t know, I am taking part in vlogtember by vlogging every day in September. September is a big month for us with lots of exciting things happening so I wanted to document them with video. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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