Enjoying A Morning Walk At National Trust Knole Park

Most people who know me in real life will know that I do not like walking. There isn’t anything that is appealing to me about going on a walk. However, one thing I have learnt during the global pandemic is to take each day as it comes and appreciate the little things. Including the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air and go for adventures.

We have begun to get out into the world again over the past few weeks. Learning new behaviours and finding our feet in the new worlds we are living in. It’s important for me that life can go on but of course, it is paramount that I keep my family safe.

One morning last week, at a time I would usually be rushing my three daughters to finish getting ready, I entered Knole Park for a morning stroll. Despite living on the doorstep of the National Trust estate, we rarely visit and instantly the rush of regret hit. The views are breathtakingly gorgeous.

It was early but it was warm and sunny. We hardly saw another human the entire time we took our walk and the quietness of the woodland was peaceful. It sort of felt like the world had stood still and there wasn’t the threat of viruses hanging over us. 

My daughters have always thrived from being outdoors, whether that be in our garden or at a local playground, they are always happiest in the fresh air and freedom. That’s exactly what I gave them during our morning walk.

Going on an adventure was definitely what they did. They climbed down steep terrain, found deer sleeping in the trees and even got stuck in what we’ve nicknamed the Jurassic Bush. 

I now have this craving to go on more walking adventures and see the world on foot. Explore local areas further. I still don’t like walking to and from school but we’ll take baby steps with that one… 

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