Epidural – I May Have Offended – Sorry

I think this post will upset quite a few people but the topic has come up a lot recently, what with One Born Every Minute be on the telly again. I don’t mean to upset anyone, these are my own opinions!

Epidurals. (When asked for, not in emergency cases like caesareans)

I’ve always been quite open to the idea of not being able to feel anything during childbirth. What a breeze! Everyone, including men, know that childbirth is meant to be like having 20 bones in your body break all at the same time, ouch, so somebody thought up a way of being able to give birth pain free. Simple! Perfect! Heavenly! Energised! Able to sleep! It sounds wonderful.

However, childbirth is meant to be painful, it’s like an unwritten contract the moment the sperm meets the egg. Having a baby squeeze its way inside to out is quite obviously painful – it’s natural though, and years ago every woman had to endure a painful birthing experience.

I can totally understand people opting to be pain free, especially now the technology and advances in medicine offer it, I’d have loved to but I’d also like to know that there would be absolutely 100% chance that I’ll be able to walk again after. For me, being paralysed or being in quite a bit of pain for just a short amount of time, well there was no comparison.

My OH drummed all the risks into my brain the moment I got pregnant. I never realised any of them before. It’s not just paralysis that you should be worried about. With an epidural the baby gets tired, it can actually slow down labour, you can tear easier because you have no feeling of what’s going on down there, it can take hours for you to gain feeling again. I didn’t really move from the hospital bed when I was in labour but I loved the fact I had the choice to. My OH ran me a bath within half an hour of giving birth and he held P2 whilst I soaked all the residue of my birthing experience away which was something I needed to do as soon as I had her.

Having a baby changes your life, but why would anyone want to risk the chance of never being able to chase their child around the park? Am I missing something vital here?

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  1. I took the drugs. Lol It was a wonderful experience. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every bit of labor after I couldn’t feel it anymore! I think I would have passed out. The way I see it is there are a lot of women and babies who used to die during childbirth as well. It’s modern medicine that has decreased those odds, and there are risks by getting into an airplane, in a car… Risks all around us that we willingly take every day. If having a baby pain free helped me have a better experience, then I don’t think I was being selfish to take that. I’m not offended by your post at all, but I also do not regret getting an epidural, and I would definitely do it again, if we weren’t done having babies. 🙂

  2. Victoria Jenkins (@Victoriaaa0)

    I’m the biggest wimp ever and I did it without pain relief, it’s one of life’s experiences and such a bonding process 🙂 when I arrived at the hospital (already pushing) I said I wanted an epidural to them even though I didn’t need it, so glad no one paid any attention lol


  3. With the child birth that I just assisted in an epidural was a necessity. The mom was a firm believer in no drugs. The baby had the cord wrapped around the body, legs and neck several times. With help, she delivered naturally with the help of the epidural. Yes it was a long night but the baby arrived with few complications. Just a little bit jaundice and after staying in the incubator and getting a tan she and mom are doing well.

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