Essex Floods Family Rescued From Sinking Vehicle 24 / 25th August 2013

We woke up today and everything is sunny. As if yesterday’s floods never happened. We were lucky really, although our drains blocked and we could only use our upstairs toilet, some people weren’t so lucky.

I’ve heard stories about people’s downstairs being completely ruined. The aftermath is crazy. All we can hear is sirens, emergency services going to help everyone fix their homes and businesses. We ventured out the house today, there’s rubble and ginormous puddles everywhere you look! The traffic is tremendous.

I saw a video this morning of a car stuck in the water (please see below) It gives me some hope for our generation because a few members of the public were helping this family get out of the drowning car. To be honest I have no idea why anyone would even attempt to drive through the puddle lake that they got stuck in, but it must have been terrifying. To know that your three children were in the back of your sinking car.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that has been effected by yesterday’s freak flooding!! This is something I’m used to watching on the news, not something that happens in my own town and surrounding areas.

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See Below Quoted From BBC News :

He said: “My 4×4 is like a monster truck, stands about 7ft (2.2m) high and is fitted with a snorkel exhaust. We’d already driven through some flooding, but as I went into this I thought ‘It’s deep’ so put the car into reverse.

“I thought the motion of the wheels would drag us out, but we just started sinking. The water was coming in through the floor, air vents and windows.”

The rescue party was later given shelter at the nearby Lime Court sheltered housing scheme.

Mr Swinford eventually recovered his vehicle by tow truck about 23:30 BST when the water had subsided to just a few inches.

“I want to say a big thankyou to everybody who helped us,” he said.

The BBC Weather Centre reported 2.3in (59mm) of rain fell across the south of Essex on Saturday, some of the highest rainfall in the country.


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