Eva’s 7th Birthday

Eva had a birthday countdown going for weeks ahead of the big day. Each day we’d hear just how many days it was until the 6th of February. To be honest it wouldn’t have surprised me if she knew how many hours it was too! There was no room for us to forget.

As each year passes, I find it harder and harder to buy for Eva. Her biggest dream is to have a chihuahua and so anything else definitely falls short. We spent a whole day traipsing shops to get ideas for presents and somehow we did it. The day came.

Of course, we had an early start to her birthday which sadly fell on a school day. Do you remember being a child and feeling so deflated that you had to go to school on your birthday? 

We all gathered downstairs to watch Eva open her pressies. It’s always wonderful to see them genuinely happy with the choices you’ve made. Her presents included Scratch Foil Art books, Pound Puppies (who remembers those?) and a fox costume, amongst other bits of course. Sadly, no chihuahua this year but we all hold hope that Hubby will lower his wall one day.

For the girls birthdays, they always get to choose something they’d like to do as a treat on their actual birthday day. I’m pretty sure Eva has requested to go to Clip n Climb for the past three years, so that’s where we headed after school.

Eva is totally in her element climbing up and down the climbing walls. We had also booked her to do the Stairway to Heaven and the drop slide. This is quite expensive if I’m honest, but it was a lovely birthday treat. It pushed Eva to her limits.

It was Elsa’s first time. She was very nervous but excited too. Elsa doesn’t like attention on her or people touching her so the whole experience was going to challenge her.

There was a definite wobble moment whilst putting the harness on, but then she blew us all away by climbing up a ladder. She then spent pretty much the entire time climbing up and down the rope ladder, letting go and gently lowering herself to the floor. I’m surprised I didn’t cry with joy.

You may notice that Freya didn’t attend the birthday treat and that’s because she was on a school trip and they were not due back in time. Instead, she was picked up by my mother-in-law from school and we met back up with them all at home.

I think that my mother-in-law aced her present this year. Eva was booked to have an experience with a chihuahua. It was a day for just her and my mother-in-law to go and have cuddles with a chihuahua followed by lunch. You can see Eva’s little reaction in the video I created from her birthday

We finished off Eva’s birthday with the birthday cake. Despite having to go to school on her birthday, I know Eva had the perfect day. I just can’t quite believe that she’s seven years old now. Where is the time going?

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