Everything You Need To Know About MOT

We all try to avoid overdue charges or fines that are imposed on our regular bills, that is why we pay our daily expenses on time. You should also know that if you are a regular bill payer, you should also have an updated MOT certificate for your vehicle. If this is not the case then it means you are missing some important vehicle regulatory laws. 

MOT is a legal vehicle test that is required by all vehicles in the UK to follow. The test ensures that your vehicle is abiding by all safety and environmental laws so that you do not have to face any breakdowns while travelling anywhere in the UK especially London. 

If you are driving your vehicle without proper MOT certification and if you are caught you need to know that you will be charged a hefty amount of fines that can be up to 2500 pounds! Therefore, better to be safe than sorry! You need to update your MOT certificate as soon as it is about to reach its expiration date that is three years from the date of vehicle registration. However, a new vehicle does not require any MOT until it reaches three years of age. 

You can easily get your vehicle MOT proof by visiting a reliable service garage in London. Iverson Tyres is one of the top garages for MOT in London. Luckily, the professional experts in these service centres can guide you thoroughly on MOT procedure and rates. 

Talking about how long does an MOT last, is about 60 minutes if your vehicle is fit and has passed all MOT requirements. However, if the vehicle fails the test then it totally depends on the repairing time that will be spent on the car part to be fixed, until then you are not allowed to take your vehicle back. 

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