“exactly how I’d picture a traditional and old church. It’s simply beautiful”

Imagine a church. I bet you are thinking about bells, cemetery, big pillars, tall ceilings, wooden structures, stone walls, an organ, traditional hymns and statues. That’s what I think when I’m told to imagine a church.

The church I attended and grew to love back in Essex, St George’s, wasn’t like this. It had tall ceilings and a cross at the front other than that the building and service is very different. We had a band that consisted of a drum, guitars and real upbeat music.

I went to church today for the first time since moving to Kent. I was a little nervous as I’ve swayed away from Christianity recently. This church, St Nicholas, is exactly how I’d picture a traditional and old church. It’s simply beautiful.

P1 loved the children’s group and I bravely left P2 in the crèche for the first time ever!!! I sat staring at the door waiting for someone to come tell me one of them were crying. But nope, turns out P2 copes quite well on her own and with strangers!

Although the people were very friendly and welcoming, I’m not sure it’s the type of service I want to go to. It’s really traditional and as a pretty new, inexperienced, struggling Christian I think it may be a little full on!

I might give it another go next week and then try the church that has the children’s clinic at on a Tuesday as that seemed to be quite a lot like the church I’ve been to for the past four years.

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