I had a perfectly perfect day today.

I had a leisurely “get up” this morning. No rushing about and no arguments. Still haven’t managed a bath time without P2 crying though.

I dropped P1 with my Grandparents like usual for a Tuesday and headed off to visit my work with P2. On maternity leave yet can’t keep away.

I then finally went to visit my friend who’s also just had a baby boy. She’s one of those friends you talk to daily but don’t physically see very often. Last time I saw her we were both very early on in her pregnancy. There was about 4weeks between us and now there’s exactly 4weeks between the babies. It was a lovely, much needed day. Little Man was so blooming cute and tiny!

My OHs Auntie, Uncle and Cousins are over from Canada at the moment so we went to visit them for dinner tonight in their rented cottage. I always thoroughly enjoy myself in the company of his family – they are just so welcoming! P1 had a lovely time playing with the kids. And although P2 was rather restless and wanting boobie constantly – it was a brilliant evening.

My OH is now competing with his daughter in a snoring competition so I guess I should be counting my ZZZs instead of blogging – dedication there…

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