Expect The Unexpected

I bet we are all guilty of checking health issues online. If you type in your symptoms of a cold if would probably tell you that you could be dying of something completely unrelated.

I’ve mentioned before that P1 attends physiotherapy for her lower limbs. She’s been loosely diagnosed with hypermobility – I say loosely because nobody from the physiotherapy place have actually told us what she has but that word has been mentioned several times when various doctors or maternity people have questioned my previous pregnancies.

Anyway, she also sees a paediatrician every 6 months who tracks her progress. At the last one there were some concerns for P1s growth rate. So she’s been referred to the hospital for growth tests.

I have absolutely no idea what a growth test involves and seeing as they will be happening this coming Monday I wanted to read about it. Big mistake! MRIs, blood tests, x-rays!!! Thanks Google. I’m even more unprepared and terrified for P1. Surely the MRI she had to rule out cerebral palsy would have flagged up an issue in growth?!

Anyone know what I should expect to happen to my beautiful girl on Monday?

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  1. I think it will be a consultation and blood test to begin with.

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