Extra Narrow Swing Shut Safety Gate from Tippitoes

I’ve very rarely used stairgates in P1s life span. The last time I used them was when I shared a house with one of my friends and her daughter. P1 has always understood, always been slow and careful when moving herself about especially up and down stairs.

Then P2 came along, and we moved out. We actually moved before she was even sitting properly and we had no idea that she’d be so different from her big sister in every way. She crawled and the stairs became interesting. For weeks though she didn’t even attempt to climb them until one day round my MiLs (who has stairgates) the little devil shot up her stairs like a trooper. As if she’d been practising for months and that’s when stairs became our biggest issue of the day!!

Our house is tiny and with that comes tiny features… Our stair case is very narrow and I never even considered the fact we’d need stair gates at some point when we moved in here. We’ve gone months debating the stairgate situation. We knew that at some point we’d need them but we just couldn’t find an option that would fit our stairs.

Lindam had no options for us so we just battled on with a make shift barrier of boxes, washing bags and buckets! All of which were soon mastered by P2 who has an obsession with stairs. Finally, we found our option. An Extra Narrow Swing Shut Safety Gate by Tippitoes. For those who have visited us will be very pleased to know that our stairs are no longer a safety hazard!!!

20140411-045855 pm.jpgAlthough P2 is insistent on climbing up and down the three steps she has available to her, and P1 can’t open the stairgate on her own yet which is most likely to do with her hypermobility.

The stair gate fits gaps 61-68cm. Is a swing shutting gate and is quite easy to open for an adult, you simply press the buttons and lift. It’s pressure fitting and even my hubby managed to put it up!! It’s great and I can really see our lives being changed by something so simple and I don’t have to have heart palpitations every time we have my 83year old Grandad over or my hubby’s little brother!

(This is not a review or sponsored post. It is simply a post for me to let people know that small stairgates are out there!)DONATE TO BLISS
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