When Facebook Never Ceases To Surprise

Touchy subject. Upsetting. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Do I really need to go on? Any parent – well any person – would agree with me that there is absolutely no excuse for child abuse. I was a victim of child abuse at just 10 days old by my real dad. This caused my family huge heart ache and long battles with social services.

Facebook annoys me as it is. All the horrible photos of children with bruises or one arm or a double head with captions “Like if you think this is horrible” blah blah. Anyone who actually sits there and likes those pictures are so incredibly wrong in my eyes. And because of Facebook having some weird privacy setting now you can see who’s liking what… I get to see all these photos daily whether I want to or not. They make me so upset. I’ve deleted quite a few people that tend to do this often.

Today – Facebook did not disappoint on the disgraceful front. A “Friend” of mine wrote a status. A horrible status. This friend is a parent themselves so the status that was written was even more shocking to me including the comments following it. It was basically that they had witnessed a mother leave her twin newborn babies in the car screaming whilst she did a shop and that that woman should get her priorities straight. I commented saying that she should of rang social services… but apparently she couldn’t. What?!

I feel angry, upset and sick. There is quite blatantly an issue in the life of those babies mum. But I’m left thinking who is worse?! How can anyone leave their child alone in a car… especially in this weather. I get nervous when I have to leave P1 in the car to pay for petrol and try my hardest to find a “pay at pump” whenever I’m alone with her. But also how can someone quite happily witness this neglect, post a status about it and not do anything about it. That person should get their priorities straight.

Since meeting my OH he’s taught me to report literally everything I see – doing your good deed for the day. I’ve never called the police so much in my life. Not always 999 by the way, but the new non-emergency number 101. I’ve reported dangerous driving and a cone in the middle of the road causing people to swerve. To me – those things are important but nowhere near as important as seeing a child in distress whilst their mother does a shop. That should of been reported and I know I wasn’t there… but I so wish I was because now that lady has gone away with her screaming babies and her food shop thinking that this is the right way to parent.

What would you do in this situation?!

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  1. It’s so hard. And I definitely agree about the facebook posts ‘like if this is horrible’ etc.. it’s the same with the cancer victim ones ‘like if you want a cure’ Some people will do awful things for a hint of attention on there! It’s good that you do your good deed though. I understand what you mean – you cannot leave screaming babies in a car.. although I will leave my toddler if she is asleep and I am only popping in the corner shop for some milk etc.. but I double check that it’s locked and literally RUN through the shop.. I look like a nutjob!! Haha. But Hey ho.. If we all do our bit though, we can make a difference. x x x

    • I understand nobody wants the social services or police knocking on their door. But it’s things like this that could make a difference. Nobody knows if that lady is calling out for help from someone because of post natal depression! One phone call could of changed not only those babies lives but the mother too and maybe not for the bad.

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