Fakemas Our First Christmas Celebrations Of 2019

Christmas is most definitely my favourite holiday of the year. It has this magical ability to bring everyone together, doesn’t it? I also love the decorations everywhere and the sparkle. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it makes the worst season of my year (winter) much more bearable.

You may be wondering why the heck I am dressed up as a Santa, matching my three daughters who are rapidly catching up my height. I spotted these dresses in Primark and knew they’d be the perfect outfits for our Fakemas celebrations.

We do Fakemas with my family at my Mum’s house every year now. It’s sort of become a tradition and we get very excited for the day. This year it fell the Saturday before Christmas Day so it felt extremely festive.

My Mum always says that she won’t go crazy with presents, but she always manages to. This year the girls had a few “main” presents then a whole giant gift bag of pressies too! I don’t know how she can call it not going mad, but of course, the girls were very happy with the situation.

We arrived around midday and the girls didn’t wait long before they got stuck into opening their gifts. Elsa was a whizz and opened all at once, whereas Freya and Eva both took a little more time to look at the gift they’d be given. My ears hurt from all of the squealings in delight.

The best bit about celebrating Christmas Day more than once is that you get to eat ALL of the food and not feel guilty. Christmas calories don’t count, well I certainly don’t count them. There was twelve of us sitting down to eat, I never know how people cater for more than like 8. It baffles me.

Fakemas food was kicked started with a soup starter, complete with bacon bits and croutons. Delicious! Elsa had a different menu and she tucked into sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and ham. 

Freya was impressed to see Brussel sprouts on her plate. I love a roast dinner and it’s extra glorious at Christmas time. Elsa didn’t eat much because she was full on her starters but we all delved in with gusto.

Dessert was mince pies, custard, profiterole trifle and a chocolate ice cream roll. We all drowned in sweetness and left the table feeling very full and ready for a nap.

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying each others company, playing games with the girls and chilling out in the chaos of toys being everywhere. Hubby spent ages attempting to turn a transformer toy into the car it’s meant to be.

This year went smoothly because the girls were all occupied by various people. Elsa has a little attachment to my step-sister’s boyfriend so he was entertaining her most of the day, Freya adores my brother and Eva floated about between everybody as she does.

I love Fakemas and the excitement it gives us for actual Christmas Day. It’s like a little teaser. It genuinely feels like real Christmas and then you have a few more days to wait rather than experiencing the instant Christmas blues that Boxing Day brings for me.

I filmed our day as part of our vlogmas videos so you can be a part of our fakemas too, I hope you enjoy it!

The last thing to share is of our generation photo. I wish we’d taken these when my Nan was alive but hope to continue the tradition. My not-so-little brother is to the left, my Mum in the purple, my wonderful Grandad who is head of the family in the middle of us, my Auntie with Eva, and of course Freya, Elsa and me to the right. Let’s not forget Mum’s pup Millie in Elsa’s arms.

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