Family Day Out To Chessington In Pictures

I have wrote about adventures to Chessington World Of Adventures twice before; our first experience was of their Howl-oween event three years ago now, and the second time was last year for the opening of the new Gruffalo River Ride which had replaced the much loved Bubbleworks.

So for this post about our recent trip to Chessington I thought I would add little captions to my photos instead and let you check out the other two posts if you want to find out more about the actual park experience. We had been sent on a day out to capture some Instagram photos of P2 in her new Kickers shoes. Chessington definitely isn’t our favourite theme park to go to as a family but it’s a close second so we had been really excited for the day trip.

Wearing her Kickers ready for an adventure!
P1 is so funny when it comes to rides, she’ll happily get on this one a few times but will not do other spinning rides.
Hubby and P2 are two peas in a pod when it comes to rides, they love the thrill!
Whilst the other two were on the elephant ride with Hubby, I took P3 for a more gentle carousel.
The first time we went to Chessington P1 had a little panic attack about the Tomb Blaster ride. Now she can’t get enough of it!
We packed a massive carton of apple juice and our posh picnic bag. P2 looks so funny!
Chessington no longer serve full fat/sugar cola or have straws because they are plastic. Great initiative to help the environment.
P3 loved the chicken bites and stop for lunch.
I love capturing little moments when you can naturally see their bonds. It’s rare that any of my girls hold hands with each other unless told to.
We were queuing for Zufari for about 45 minutes!! The girls didn’t seem bothered.
On Zurafi you can see Giraffe, Ostrich, Zebra and more! It’s like being on a real safari.
The carousel was about the only ride P3 really loved. The man attending it was so slow at checking everyone though.
More carousel rides!
Whilst P2 went on the Vampire a million times, these two did something much calmer.
Then a bit of Toads Crazy Cars.
Top tip for ANY day out with kids, pack lots of snacks!
So it turns out that P3 had never seen the Gruffalo programme……. I’m a bad Mum.
The Gruffalo kept stroking me… P2 says that she thinks the Gruffalo thought I was a child because I am so small…….
P2 is now tall enough to do some of the rides by herself… Both Hubby and I are not keen on the ones where you leave your tummy in the air several times, so sending her on by herself was a great joy!
Of all the times we’ve ever been to Chessington… We’ve never been to Hocus Pocus Hall
Inside the Hocus Pocus Hall, it was very ultraviolet and pretty odd but great fun!
There are a lot of shows and things going on throughout the day at Chessington.
It was really interesting learning about the raccoons
Giant Gruffalo inside the Gruffalo River Ride. The girls are always totally mesmerised by this much calmer ride.
P3 seemed to enjoy the ride much better after watching the programme earlier in the day.
We always end our day out with a trip into the Sealife Centre at Chessington.
It’s actually a rather big sealife despite being inside a theme park. Here’s P1 and P3 looking at the rays.
P2 wanted to touch a shrimp but they were not interested, instead she got to tickle a star fish
So many pretty colours in one tank.

I hope you enjoyed looking through our memories from our day out at Chessington. You can come along with us in the video I created too:

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  1. ah that looks like an amazing family day out – somewhere we’ve never been but I’ve always meant to go x x

  2. Lovely pictures. Your eldest looks just like you. We’ve not been to chessignton for years. Desperate to go with the new gruffalo ride

  3. This is really not far from me but we hardly ever go! Really want to get the annual pass for over summer x

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