Family Day Out To Colchester Zoo

When I come up with ideas for blog posts I usually save the title as a draft post. Ready for me to come back to at a later date or when I have time. With it being a new year, I thought I’d take a look at the many draft titles I’ve got and give them a bit of an organisation.

It turns out that I’ve actually got quite a few blog posts that are half written or ones with photos ready to be finished. Like this one from the summer school holidays last year! Things really picked up for me in the later half of 2018 and clearly this one slipped the net.

I’m not going to pretend I remember every detail to document in a blog post, so I have decided to upload it as a gallery from our day out. Showcasing all the memories I captured in a photo. There is a video right at the bottom from our day out too so head down there to watch that.

We’d arranged to meet my Mum, Grandad, Auntie and brother there for a day out to celebrate my Auntie’s birthday. Not only is the 3rd September my Auntie’s birthday, it is also the anniversary date of my Nan’s death. As a family it is a really special and important day so it made sense to spend it as a family.

Colchester Zoo holds many precious memories from my own childhood, it was somewhere my Grandparents always took me as a child. It’s also where they took my Mum and Auntie when they were little. It was a lovely, very hot, day at the zoo and I’ll cherish these photos forever.

Fully expect a few more nice summery posts or ones that should have been written long ago in the near, hopefully, future. Thanks for your patience!

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