Family Dynamics

Families are funny little creatures. We all have one. It doesn’t just end at your parents or siblings, oh no, it extends to great lengths really.

My family itself is totally confusing. My mum has been married three times, I have a younger half brother and a younger step sister. I have a stepdad, who’s family alone would confuse you. I have grandparents, only one set mind, and they are amazing. I have an auntie I barely see, who’s married so I suppose he’s my uncle. I don’t have any immediate cousins from my mums side. I have a great-aunt and great-uncle.

Then there’s my dad, my biological one anyway, I have three half brothers and one half sister over there. I also have grandparents, aunties, cousins and second cousins. None of which I see.

That’s the funny thing about families. One event in life can completely change the way your family pans out. I have so many relatives I’d love to have a relationship with but don’t because of one person, no fault of my own.

In an ideal world, I’d love my girls to have a mum, dad, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles and all the usual blood relatives, but reality is, they don’t. Already. Already their lives are panned out because of family feuds, situations, past events.

The one thing I don’t regret is welcoming my OH into P1s life. I also do not take for granted the day my stepdad came into my life. Those days were the very best days of my life. They were days that shaped my future and my children’s future. Thanks to those days, we have such a funny little creature of a family. A quirky, confusing, mind boggling family that is extended in so many directions and so many branches to our family tree.
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