Family Holiday Packing Made Easier

Everyone loves a holiday. They are when most families create their best memories. There really is nothing like getting away from everyone for a few days and spending time just relaxing and focusing 100% on each other.

The only problem is that organising a family holiday is often stressful. Deciding where to go and booking is not too difficult. You can do all of this at your leisure. The tricky part is buying everything you need and packing everything so you stay within the luggage limits.

Get organised

However, it need not be that way. Provided you are organised and start the packing process early you can relieve much of that stress. It is easy to find a pack list online. Using one will enable you to make sure that you do not forget anything important.

Do your holiday shopping early

You can start shopping for your holiday clothes and other essentials as soon as you confirm your booking. Taking this approach ensures you are not left tearing around the shops trying to buy what you need. It also allows you to pack gradually, instead of having to do it all the night before you are due to fly.

Pack light

A lot of people find having to stick to a luggage allowance adds to their stress levels. They worry incessantly about being able to fit everything that they need into their case or cases.

This is understandable, but if you learn to pack light you really do not need to worry about this issue. Using the light packing tips I have outlined below will make it easy for you to fit what you need into the right size case.

Choose multipurpose clothing

Whenever possible, pack clothes that you can wear more than once during the holiday. This is the most efficient way to save space in your case.

A good example of the type of clothing I am talking about is maxi dresses. They are perfect for wearing when you walk to the beach, or to protect you when it gets a bit breezy in the afternoon. This type of dress can also be worn for days out, meals out and shopping trips.

Pack lightweight clothing

Try to pack lightweight clothes for everyone. Taking this approach enables you to fit more in, and give everyone more outfit choices.

Be prepared to wash as you go

In addition, lightweight items are far easier to rinse out and wear again. It dries quicker, and because this type of clothing is usually made from manmade fabrics they normally do not need to be ironed every time they are washed.

Roll instead of fold

When packing your case, fold items only once or twice lengthwise, and roll them up. If you do this, each item will take up less space. It also helps to reduce how much your clothes crease, which means you, should not need to pack a travel iron.

Provided you follow the tips above, packing for your next break will not feel stressful at all. The fact you will feel more relaxed will help you to get into the holiday mood the moment you arrive at your destination.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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