Family Travel Tips

Most parents think that the idea of stepping onto a plane full of people hoping to get a nap in before their holidays commence is close to a nightmare. Travel sickness, boredom and tired toddlers can be a recipe for disaster. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With some careful planning and preparation, travelling with little ones can be a fun and exciting experience.

Travel does not have to stop when you have children and it actually offers a great opportunity for family bonding and relaxation. Follow these family travel tips for surviving a holiday with children to create a memorable vacation.

Prepare well

The key to a happy holiday with children is solving the three main issues that cause the majority of meltdowns. Its either going to be; tired, bored or hungry. Finding a way to solve these problems will help you to have an enjoyable trip. You can combat tiredness with doing your best to make sure your kids have a good night sleep before your flight or road trip begins. Also ensure that each day of the vacation, you take frequent rest bites.

You can avoid boredom by choosing a destination that has something to do for all of the family members. Sit down and discuss what each child wants to do on their holiday and try to find a location that can accommodate to all of their needs. Bring an activity pack for the children when on transport to help that section run a lot smoother.

Hunger can be fought by ensuring you pack enough snacks for your flight, road trip and daily activities. It may be a possibility that your children will not like the aeroplane food, so you need to have a backup. It’s best not to assume that you can stop for snacks along the way as sometimes airports can be expensive and have a limited section of healthy options.

Pack smart

It is best to try to pack the bare minimum as you can always buy when you are there. It’s a great idea to encourage your children to choose and pack their own clothes to try and minimise complaints and it also teaches them valuable travelling skills. Help them to choose versatile and comfortable clothes to pack with neutral colours that can be worn in multiple combinations so that if something gets dirty, you only have to change part of the outfit.

It’s best to pack a change of clothes for dinner, pyjamas and extra outfits in case of accidents if you have young children. Also, try and know in advance what activities you will be doing there and the type of accommodation you are staying at so you know exactly what to pack.

Be accommodation savvy

Make sure that you pick accommodation that is child friendly and stay in safe and central areas that are close to local attractions, the beach and a park. If you try and pick a location where these are all within walking distance, you will save time, money and your children from getting bored. Click here for some great examples of luxury holiday parks conveniently located in the UK.

Always check for family deals when you are booking and ask about free meals for children and discounted rates. Accommodation with a pool and games room is great for entertainment on your doorstep and children love them. If you are taking a stroller, be sure to pick a hotel with a lift. It’s not fun carrying it up and down the stairs twice a day.

Finally, check the room configuration, do you need two double beds or a double bed and two singles? Ask your children if they would like to sleep together or separate and try to accommodate to their needs. This will make bedtimes a lot easier. You don’t always have to travel abroad to have a fantastic vacation.

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  1. These are great tips. We’re off on our first family holiday soon so will definitely be taking them into account.

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