Father’s Day Competition with MAM UK

I don’t normally buy gifts for Father’s Day. I am someone who likes to believe that we appreciate our Father’s every day. I don’t think I do show Hubby how much I appreciate everything he does for our girls. Making sure that he can work from home, taking P1 to school, being taxi driver frequently, cooking, doing the clothes washing, managing the household bills and most importantly being my shoulder to cry on in every situation.

This year I wanted to really show him how much I love him and how much the girls love him by treating him to something he really wants. I have saved and saved and saved (something I’m not good at at all!) and he has an Apple Watch due to arrive at any time today. He knows about it as being the man of the house who organises our budget I had to admit to spending so much in one go. But he deserves it. Ever since his motorbike was stolen he’s never really had anything of his own, it’s all been joint things or things for the children.


MAM Baby UK have let me offer two packs of 2 soothers with “I love Mummy” and “I love Daddy” to give away. There will be two winners (1 pack each) Please specify below what colour you’d prefer. Good luck! MAM 0+ Style soothers are also now available at Boots in blue and pink

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  1. pink please

  2. mellanie forster

    Pink please

  3. Pink pls 🙂

  4. Pink please for my very own princess 🙂 x x

  5. blue

  6. pink please

  7. Blue, please.

  8. would love Pink please x

  9. Pink please

  10. Blue Please!

  11. Would love for the blue one please x

  12. Blue please

  13. Always for my dad white color, for my executive dad, dad you are really great person for every son and daughter.

  14. pink please

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