Feeling Calmer

I cannot believe how grown up P1 is. She’s always been very mature for her age but recently she’s been outstanding especially with her little sister!
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In the past few days she’s been so helpful. Actually asking to change P2s bottom, get her dressed and give her a bottle. This evening she wanted to feed her sister her dinner, and she did a pretty darn good job of it. To top it off she cleaned her up with wipes and gave her lots of toys to play with. P2 made it a game to throw them off and P1 would pick them up again! It was adorable!

Anyone that has been a long term reader of my blog will know that I struggle when it comes to not shouting at P1. That I’ve struggled to share my time with both girls. It’s been hard because all of me wants to give everything to P1 but P2 is demanding and needs attention. I really feel like I’ve pushed her out.

That’s changed the past few days. I feel so much happier and closer to P1. I don’t know if its because P2 is now having bottle and doesn’t need me as much now, she’s more content to jump in her jumperoo for a good 20minutes. Giving me time to focus on P1.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time with P1 chatting and sitting in the lounge with her. It may sound ridiculous to normal people, but it’s something I didn’t usually do, and I’ll hold my hands up to that. Last night, just before bedtime, P1 said to me “it’s really lovely chatting all day with you” and it truly melted my heart.

I honestly feel like I had a slight case of depression or baby blues maybe. I think now that routines (still baby-led but less demanding) are slowly being formed that I’m feeling happier in my own body. I’m feeling less stressed out with life and I’m able to enjoy my daughters more and more.
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I’m going to really miss P1 when she starts school!

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