Letter To My Princess 3 – 20 Months

To my Princess 3,

I’m not sure where these months are going. You are 20 months old today and that just seems totally crazy to me. In just four months time you’ll be a little two year old.

Up until about a week ago you have been a definite mummy’s girl. I feel such a strong bond with you that sometimes it scares me. You will only be comforted by me and wherever I go, you are there by my side.

You’ve swapped out milk for water during the night and most of the day which is excellent. You are very nearly sleeping through the night and the majority of the time you settle yourself to sleep at bedtime. You are really talking too although not particularly making much sense. You’ll babble away and then we’ll catch note of a few words and just know what you mean naturally.


You’ve been showing strong signs of being ready to potty train. For weeks you have been telling me when you’re going and then when you’re done you demand to be changed. P2 started her journey at 23 months and I felt that was early enough, so this is a huge shock.

You are an incredibly shy person with anyone you meet and even family members. You won’t cuddle or smile or talk to anyone you feel unsure of. Saying “no” and blowing slight raspberries frequently. This kind of goes back to the point of having a strong attachment to me.


For us, you show a strong personality. You are a drama queen but so funny too. You’ve started to learn that some things you do amuse your sisters and will do it on purpose. It’s hilarious! Yet it’s very rare that you physically smile and you’ve always been like that. Instead sporting a grumpy, pouty face most of the time.

You are still wearing 12-18 month clothes and although reported to have a big head, everything is going fine with you. You are a confident little rascal and have accidents that occur all the time but you are happy, I hope.

I love you little lady.

Mummy x 

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  1. Time does go so fast, updates are one of my favourite types of posts as there so lovely to look back on x

  2. Aw what a cutie, with her princess tiara! Tyler was shy like that too, but he just came out of it when he turned 3. xx

  3. Blogging Mummy

    I cant believe shes only 20 months, she looks so much older!! Well done on the potty training signs too. Will save you loads in nappies lol.

  4. A really lovely letter 🙂 It’s alright to be shy. At 23 I’m still not comfortable around people that are new or unfamiliar. Takes me a while to build up that trust xx

  5. What a lovely diary entry to look back on in years to come. Nice how they are all so different and unique. Our girl twin is more clingy but the boy twin would go with ANYBODY.

  6. Awww how time flies by so quickly huh? Happy 20 months x

  7. Oh what a lovely post. They certainly grow up fast! My youngest is 3 and I keep thinking slow down!

  8. Oh my goodness how can the tie be going so fast?! She is only a month ahead of Elsie and I just cannot believe they will be 2 soon. She is beautiful xx

  9. Awh Jodie, this is so lovely. Confident little rascal, reminds me of my own little one. My 9 month old is going is in 12-18 month clothes, she must be a little monster compared to your little one lol xx

  10. A lovely update my nearly 18 month is a mummy boy and clings to me.

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