Feeling The Strain


Yesterday was a really low day for me.

I never ever thought it would be this hard for P1 to adjust to a new sibling. For me to adjust to having two children.

The day started really good. Shockingly good actually. We’d had an ok night with P2 so I made the effort to get up and make my OHs lunch for the first time in a week. P1 helped me and we were having a good time doing it. We then managed to enjoy some snuggle time watching cbeebies whilst P2 snoozed in her Moses basket.

Things swiftly went downhill. Whenever P2 was in my arms or feeding P1 started playing up. Doing things she knows she shouldn’t and generally being very misbehaved. Usually her naughty behaviour gets dealt with by the naughty step. But when breastfeeding – getting P1 to the naughty step is rather difficult. Oh and doesn’t she know it.

I tried so hard to involve her in activities and to share my time with both girls yesterday. P2 spent a lot of time in her Moses basket. Yet I spent a lot of time shouting.

By the end of the day I was really holding back the tears. When my OH arrived home with chocolate gateau, Doritos and a teddy the tears came flooding out. I felt like a complete failure. He reassured me that what happened was to be expected. After all it was the first time I’d been alone with both girls. It’s a huge change for everyone.

Tomorrow my Mum is kindly taking the day off work. All four of us – Mum, me, P1 & P2 – are going to spend the day together. Take P1 to an indoor play area. It’ll be P2s first proper outing but also a chance to treat P1 and make her feel special again.


Anyone got any advice for helping P1 adjust to her sister? Or any advice to help me adjust to being a mum of two?

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