Finally Getting Some Bluebell Photos

I must have chewed my Hubby’s ear off a thousand times recently about wanting to get some bluebell photos of the girls. The plan, in my head, was to line the girls up in the pretty purple blue flowers and snap away. I wanted to use them for our Siblings photos this month. But the weeks have gone past and we just couldn’t find the perfect time with all three children and the weather on our side. 


Last weekend was an absolute scorcher and although we only had one child at home with us, I decided that Saturday would be the day we get the bluebell photos I’d been craving. Thankfully the daughter we had at home with us happened to be the one who’s grown up with a camera of some sort shoved in her face so I hoped we’d have a pretty easy time capturing her.

1 bluebells

We went to a local wood that had been suggested to me. I’d seen others take some beautiful photos there but actually when we went the bluebells weren’t what I was expecting. To be honest, I’m not really sure even now what I had expected, a field of bluebells probably. But like the name suggests, we were in a normal looking wood that was dotted with bluebells.


I definitely left it a bit long to go on our bluebell adventure because they were looking a little sorry for themselves. Having said that I think the photos have turned out really well. They’re certainly not the magical, fairyland type photos of all three of my girls that I’d hoped for but I will cherish these all the same. Even with the steri stripped head of P3 and her grumpy expression. I guess these photos really show off our 19 month old!

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  1. I think your photos look lovely still! We are super lucky to have some woods with lots of bluebells in right next to our house, they are so pretty! I will be sad when they are gone xo

  2. What beautiful photos! Your daughter is gorgeous 🙂

    Gemma x
    The British Feather – A UK Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty & Home Decor Blog

  3. Aww i love this time of year! Such lovely photos 🙂

  4. Kelly Pattullo

    Your photos are lovely and that outfit really ‘pops’ out in the photos. I’d love to go for walk in a bluebell field or even a forest thAt has them but I don’t know if anywhere local to us.

  5. aw her little outfit and hat – ridiculously cute!

  6. Such gorgeous photos your little one is so cute. Can see why u wanted to get photos with bluebells in the background they look so pretty ill have to try and do something similar with Blake we have a bluebell wood not far from us.

  7. These are beautiful pictures!!!

  8. Ahh thay are lovely pics! The best bluebells I’ve seen this year were on a roundabout getting onto the M40! Don’t think that’s the best place for children and photo’s though!! 😉 xx

  9. Adorable photos. Love the bluebells season perfect blogging photo opportunity!!

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