“Finally we have a preschool placement”

I have been desperate to get P2 into a nursery or preschool. She’s been on four different lists. It feels like such a long time since we put P2s name on the first nursery and preschool waiting list. This week we have finally been offered a nursery place for our beautiful 2 year old. Finally we have a preschool placement!

After the initial shock to the system I think that by attending nursery two times a week she is going to really thrive. P2 is a bright 2 year old. Her vocabulary is so advanced for her age and she’s very clever. She’s dry during the day and is so loving and kind. I’m proud of her. But she has shown signs recently of finding it hard to interact with children her age and she gets very sensitive in crowded situations. I really hope that the nursery with help her with this because she has the potential to be such an amazing person.


There’s a ginormous part of me that is feeling quite sick as I’m processing the thought of her starting her journey towards school. She went from a baby to a toddler the day her baby sister was born, but now it seems she has gone from a toddler to a child overnight. She hasn’t even started nursery yet. P2 is about to spread her wings further into independence, further away from needing me or hubby for every need she has. We won’t be there every second of the week.

This week we have found out the days she’ll be attending and when she starts. From the beginning of September she’ll be heading out to nursery every Monday and Wednesday for just three and a half hours each day. Seven hours of the week where I will have just one baby to care for and give my attention to. We’ve had to rearrange her Gymboree sessions from a Monday to a Thursday. I’ve realised that I’ll be going to our Wednesday play group with just P3 which will be nice and I’ve decided that I will use Monday’s to either clean the house or do blog work depending on how behind I am. 

It’s an exciting new journey for us all. It’s a scary one full of unknowns for P2 but it’s one I truly believe will benefit her and help her to excel herself.

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    Congratulations on the place for P2.

    Lizzie Dripping

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