Finding Our Perfect Mattress With Dreams Sleepmatch Technology

I definitely wouldn’t be able to count how many times I’ve had a little moan about my sleep patterns and I am sure I am not alone. Eva and Elsa specifically have loved giving me many sleepless nights. As they’ve got older, their sleep has significantly started improving yet I have still felt so exhausted.

Did you know that it is recommended to change your mattress every 8 years? I am disgusted to admit that the mattress we sleep on is much older than that. It was Hubby’s from his life before we eve met and we have been together for 7 years! So the blame for my exhaustion, Hubby’s back pains and probably many other health issues could definitely be put on our ancient mattress.

Buying a mattress is a very personal thing. That’s the main reason we haven’t upgraded our one. We’ve headed in to many bed stores with the intent to buy a new mattress over the years. Failing to agree to the perfect one that suits us both and that is comfortable for us both. So we leave empty handed for another year or in our case, many more years.

I pretty much jumped up and down excitedly when I was contacted to work with Dreams. They asked us to use the new Sleepmatch Technology to find the perfect mattress and hopefully transform our sleeping habits. It had been a very long time coming. I did feel quite anxious that Hubby and I would still not be able to agree on our perfect mattress but we headed to our local store in hope.

We decided to take our three girls along with us. I don’t think they’d ever been in a bed shop before so it was all very exciting for them. We told them they could explore the shop as long as they didn’t leave and took their shoes off. Hubby and I were both hoping it would keep them occupied whilst we got to work choosing our perfect mattress.

Dreams have recently introduced a new diagnostic system which helps to match you to your perfect mattress. Essentially it is a bed with lots of cool technologies inside. The Dreams staff met us at the door and showed us to the Sleepmatch machine. 

Using the screen, the staff asked us some important questions about our sleep; name, gender and age, whether you have a sleep partner, the sleeping position you prefer, the side of the bed you sleep on, your height and weight, and if you suffer from any pain when sleeping or waking, and the location of such pain. The Sleepmatch bed is absolutely free to use and is available in 162 Dreams stores so do check the locator on their website to find your closest one.

After the information is inputted, you hop on the bed depend and allow the machine to do it’s calculations. There’s a screen above that explains everything that is going on. The Sleepmatch sensors take 18 statistical measurements and make over 1,000 calculations whilst you lay peacefully. We were asked by the machine to turn on our front and then back, you can feel the bed moving slightly beneath you as it adjusts to support your body correctly. It is split in two so the measurements are done separately to your sleep partner.

The whole process takes about three minutes to complete. The most relaxing three minutes as the girls were either exploring beds or taking photos of us. When the sensors and Sleepmatch has been completed the results will be shown on the screens. These results can be printed out and the Dreams team in store can help point you in the right direction.

As I have a sleep partner, am significantly different in size and do not experience any back pain, whereas Hubby does, our results were blended. Meaning the Sleepmatch bed had recommended mattresses that would best support both of our postural support needs. Our blended postural support was at Medium firmness and we had been given 8 mattresses that would be best for us.

We had our printed out Sleepmatch recommendations to hand and David, the Dreams crew, had begun to point out mattresses to try. There were different types of mattresses on our list; Pocket Spring, Combination, and one Tempur mattress. There are actually five different types of mattress at Dreams, our old one was definitely a traditional spring mattress as you could feel each spring.

Hubby and I hopped on and off various mattresses. To be honest anything felt more comfortable to me that our mattress at home but there was definitely some that were better than others. I definitely didn’t like the Tempur mattress which is a memory foam one, there’s something just very weird to me so I was glad Hubby also didn’t find it comfortable. We both liked the Pocket Spring options but felt it just wasn’t quite soft enough and that cosy feeling that we had hoped for. Hubby has a big thing for bed toppers which was something I wanted to get rid of.

In the end we were both torn between two mattresses, both a combination mattress which mix springs with the luxury of memory foam, latex or a gel layer. The only difference between the two mattresses we both liked was the amount of springs inside it. One had 3000 and the other had 2000. We hopped on and off between the two of them for quite a while!

The girls were having a brilliant time exploring and trying out different mattresses themselves, the Dreams team had even printed out some colouring pages for them to do and had made me a hot chocolate drink. I just wanted to point out that this wasn’t because we were working with them, we have visited Dreams stores before where we’ve been offered a cup of tea. That has always stuck with me as being very professional and one of the reasons we would always go back.

We ended up picking the Therapur: Actigel Plus Allure 3000 and David at Dreams helped us to place the order and organise a delivery. Due to Hubby’s height and the fact he always has to lay diagonally just to fit his feet in the bed, we decided to totally upgrade our bed from a double to king size.  When you order a mattress and/or bed with Dreams you can purchase a brilliant service where they collect your old one and recycle them. It takes out the hassle of trying to organise this yourself, so we opted for that. They can even assemble your bed for an added cost, although we didn’t do that one.

The day before our arranged delivery date, I received a text message and an email to let me know a rough delivery estimated with the timings for delivery. This was really useful as a busy mum it meant I was able to make sure I was home during those times. It’s also a great reminder of the mattress actually arriving and kicked me into gear with clearing the pathway up the stairs and to our bedroom.

On the day of delivery I received a phone call in the morning (it was about 10 am ish) from the delivery driver to let me know what time they expected to be delivering. Obviously I was then watching the clock continuously because I was so excited to get a bigger, hopefully more comfortable and to get rid of our awful old mattress. It was definitely time to see the back of it. 

I was really surprised to receive another call from the drivers close to my delivery slot, to tell me they were 15 minutes away. I felt like this was amazing service from Dreams, literally letting me know every step of the way. Then the professionalism continued further as the Dreams delivery drivers arrived, popped on special shoe covers and respectfully carried the mattress upstairs. They can put the mattress wherever you like, I’m assuming it’s a normal thing that people would ask to have them put on their beds straight away, but I wanted the excitement of unwrapping the mattress myself. So they popped it into the upstairs landing for me.

The delivery drivers ran us through some helpful tips and instructions on how to care and get the best out of our mattresses. Initially ,we had to let the mattress settle and air it in our room for a few hours before putting sheets on. We were then advised to rotate the mattress weekly for the first few months, then once every two to three months thereafter. This is definitely something we never did with our old mattress so that was quite interesting to learn.

Change is always a little hard for me, especially when it comes to my own bed, so I was pretty anxious about going to bed the first night. The mattress had a chemically, factory smell despite being aired which I could smell through our sheets. This faded after about three nights though. My first night was quite disturbed, I just couldn’t settle. However, Hubby slept the best he ever has!

We are now quite a few weeks in from having our mattress and I’m definitely pleased to report that I am finding night times so much better! When the kids sleep through the night, I am also sleeping through which never happened before. I was always quite light sleeping. The mattress is firm enough to support us but soft enough for both Hubby and I to get rather excited about bedtime.

Having the bigger mattress has also been amazing. Hubby and I are able to stretch out and the pocket springs are definitely doing their job in allowing us to have undisturbed sleep. That’s what pocket springs do, reducing the movements and stop us rolling towards each other. Hubby has also been complaining less about his back hurting which has been amazing for both of us!

I have been so impressed by the level of service that Dreams gave us through the process of getting a new mattress, right from the Sleepmatch, to picking out the mattress and having it delivered. You get a 40 Night Comfort Guarantee which means you can exchange for an alternative mattress, however we definitely do not need this as we are so happy! 

Disclosure: This is a partnership post with Dreams & Mumsnet Bloggers.

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