Finding Peace & Tranquility

This Christmas my mother-in-law bought our family membership for the National Trust. She’s done this before and we’ve also paid to be members ourselves too so we are not strangers to it. We are so incredibly lucky to live in a part of the UK that has many National Trust locations literally on our doorstep.

Over the eight years of living here, we have visited lots of them many times. Something you might not know about our family is that we are not big walkers and are certainly fair weather adventurers. Rain, cold, fog and wind, heck a slight gloomy sky, and we hide indoors in the safety and warmth of our house.

However, this lockdown, in particular, has certainly changed us in many ways, of course going through the grief of losing my Mum has certainly been a journey but it’s also brought us this passion for living each day like it’s the last. We’ve adventured in the rain! We’ve adventured in the snow! We’ve gone for long walks, short walks, wading through streams and climbing trees. Living like there’s no tomorrow.

Ightham Mote and Chartwell certainly being a firm favourite for our family, although I love going for one-on-one walks with my friends through Knole. I’ve found peace by visiting our local National Trust locations.

The peace has come from seeing a new life starting to pop up. The snowdrops remind me heavily of my Mum which is comforting. The daffodil buds are going to look so beautiful when they bloom. We are heading into Spring and I think that is a little signal of hope for me. New things to come, warmer and brighter days ahead.

I’m so glad my mother-in-law gifted us our membership, it certainly came to us at the time we really needed it. Sort of like a nudge up the backside to get out more, to see the world with fresh and appreciative eyes. Our weekly walks have been a highlight of this lockdown and I’ll cherish those memories forever.

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