Finding The Right Time To Book That Family Holiday

It can be tricky to balance the daily running of your home and plan a family break at the same time. Between school, available dates, and the general buzz of a busy household, finding the time to search for the best prices on offer can often seem like a little dose of extra hassle that you just don’t have time for. However, if that all sounds a little too familiar, never fear! The online travel agency Opodo have released their analysis on the best time to book flights, and with a very small amount of planning, you could be making some important savings. If you don’t know the tricks, such as knowing to book on a Tuesday for the cheapest airfares on longhaul flights according to Opodo, then you may be missing the chance to get the most of your holiday budget.

Problems with advanced booking

You may well think that booking six or seven months in advance is the best way to get the best deals imaginable. Yet even though most people seem to believe that this is true, the truth is somewhat different. There is, in fact, a very slim window that you should be looking at when it comes to booking your family’s tickets, and knowing about that window can save you some serious money. Depending on the type of flight that you’re going for, be it long-haul, short-haul, or domestic, you will want to buy your tickets between six and seven weeks ahead of departure day. This has been proven to be the time period when flight costs have dropped to the lowest that they’re going to be. Looking through your options at this point is vital if you want the least amount of damage to your family budget.

Check your calendars

Even the day of the week and the month of the year can make a difference between paying through the nose and having some extra spending money on your holidays. The Opodo infographic shows that the best months to buy your tickets are January, September, or October, although of course, you should plan your purchases around your actual available holiday period. Yet, even the days of the week can make a difference. Just as your optimal months are dependant on the type of flight, so too is the day of the week important, with Sundays being the best day to buy domestic flights, Tuesdays the best option for buying long-haul tickets, and Wednesday your most cost-efficient ticket buying day for short-haul flights. Get your calendars at the ready, and plan the best day to do your ticket buying.

These tips from Opodo could make the difference between having that extra few pounds to spend on holiday treats, or even make it easier to afford a longer stay. Get your timings right, and the savings could be a lot more than you or your family could have possibly imagined, and that’s the best way to start any holiday.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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