First Day On The Outside

I forgot that even though you have your beautiful baby finally in your arms – that doesn’t mean the pain and discomfort is over. Oh no. You get lumbered with feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus down there and have to wear a very sexy brick between your legs for… Well no one quite knows exactly how long. You also get horrible “contractions” that are trying to get your insides back to their original size. I’m pale and sleep deprived. Am I painting a pretty picture of after birth?!

We were discharged from hospital yesterday and spent our first night as a family. My OH has definitely got the better end of the deal as I’m on milk demand every hour during the night and every two to three hours during the day. I definitely don’t regret the choice to breastfeed though. I love it!! I’m not even bothered about who sees in all honesty… But I haven’t had the opportunity to be in public yet so we’ll see…

P1 loves her little sister. I can see the jealousy beginning to show as she has become louder as if to remind us she’s there. But she hasn’t shown any resentment yet and hopefully we’ll get through it. It’s obviously a huge change to everyone’s system.

Right now… I just wish I could stay in my pjs forever! I’m looking forward to getting into normal clothes but I can’t imagine having those huge maternity pads whilst wearing leggings to look very nice or feel very comfortable.

My life is complete!

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  1. Victoria Jenkins (@Victoriaaa0)

    She’s gorgeous, congratulations!! I had so much pressure in my backside the first few one tells you that do they!

  2. Congrats!!!!!! Such a precious princess!! 🙂 🙂
    And yes it’s awful afterwards… The contracting afterwards is worse with each pregnancy. Eek. But worth it!

  3. Congratulations on the baby!! This sounds exactly like what Momma Bird said to me those first few days!

    Little Bird had some rough spots with getting started feeding early on, but I take one of the night-time feedings (bottle, breast milk) from Momma Bird to give her a hand.

    Plus, this is some of the best bonding time for me and Little Bird….nothing like early a.m. sports center and MLB TV to build a bond between father and child. ; )

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