“first ever school parents evening”

After school every single day I am faced with this scenario:

Me: did you have a good day at school?
P1: yes.
Me: great. What did you do? What did you have for dinner?
P1: I don’t know. I can’t remember.

I can nearly guarantee that you all know of or have experienced this scenario. (If you haven’t I’d like to know your secret) I certainly didn’t expect this from my nearly 5year old! I thought this was something you got from stroppy teenagers. Clearly not!

Last week I got the same old shrug but when I checked her book bag there was a leaflet from a drama company called Perform. It was a certificate to say she’d participated when they went to her school that day. When I quizzed P1 about it I was shocked with the outcome. I’ve never seen her do excited!!

On the leaflet it invited us to a free trial lesson and £30 off if we joined. P1 was eager to go so I booked her for the trial straight away. Today was that day.
20131119-101108 pm.jpgP1 was so excited and for the first time ever went into a paid club/lesson on her own. I was allowed to watch through the window and she actually joined in!!! She came out happy and discussing next week, even though we hadn’t yet agreed to sign her up. It’s a pricey hobby!

Hubby and I then went to P1s first ever school parents evening. The teachers had her down to a T. She’s doing really well it seems. One thing that stood out was her lack of participation in P.E, this isn’t surprising because of her hypermobility, but the teacher said that when Perform came in P1 didn’t need any encouragement or help! This sealed the deal for us.

We’ll be digging deep into our pockets for 10 weeks of lessons. £152!!!!! Hopefully it’ll improve her confidence and boost her beautiful personality.

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