First School Report

My school reports were always rather pleading for my family. I’d always have a comment in there about me being too chatty but generally my learning and progress was satisfying. During P1s four years at nursery, her reports were always such a pleasure to read and really reflected her bubbly personality.

On Friday she came home with her first school report. I was expecting it to be a lot more formal and academic which it really was. P1 is doing well settling in, she’s popular and is creative but the report did highlight some things she’s struggling with or not so confident with; physical activity, identifying numbers and counting 10-20, and her pencil control when forming words.

I was actually a little shock by the comments made regarding her maths and certainly the pencil control. P1 is very creative and she spends the majority of her home life drawing pictures. Her drawings are different to others her age, they’ve always been very advanced and her colouring in the lines has always been extremely surprising. I do see what they are saying though, when P1 writes it’s always very big, some letters back to front and when creating a sentence there’s certainly no gap between words.

I do think that these problems are originating with her health problems but no one has ever discussed anything with us or how we can help her to improve. Not even the school. Following the report I have made a quick meeting with the SENCO for a chat before P1 moves into Year 1, I’m hoping it’ll give us some insight into what we can do to help.

School reports means the end of the school year is fast approaching, just over a week left!! Is anyone else feeling slightly overwhelmed by the impending six weeks holiday??

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