First Smiles & A Happy Day

I’ve had a perfect day today – well almost perfect P2 did have a slight nappy leak.

We had the HV come today and weigh P2. She’s now 9lb 6oz (4.25kg) !!!!!!! Our little porker. Today also marked her first smile. I’m pretty darn sure it wasn’t wind this time… She did it at me this morning accompanied with a happy little noise. Then she was gazing at her Daddy over my shoulder and she smiled quite clearly again. Yay!

P1 has been amazing today. When her little sister cried she rushed over and tried to soothe her by talking and touching gently. It was so nice to see.

My OH bought the new SimCity (I’d been waiting for it to be released for ages and my gosh it lives up to expectations!) and today I was allowed unsupervised access to his computer whilst he was at work!! Everyone who knows my OH know that the two most important things in his life are his motorbike and his computer… Material things Anyway! I let P1 have a little go and surprisingly she managed to build a school and scroll around the city.

Ok I’m getting too excited about the game…….

We also made more cakes and managed to do this without fuss from P2! In fact she’s been pretty settled all day. Which means I’ve been able to have a relaxed day with P1 and it’s showed in her behaviour.

However, as normal P1 decided that as soon as everyone came home from work she’s flick her switch and turn into Little Miss Naughty. Always the same with her.

But overall today has been a perfect day of relaxation and fun times with my girls! Just what I needed.

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