FirstBIKE Racing Red Balance Bike Review

I was so excited about P1 getting her first ever push bike. She was ecstatic too. My Grandad took her to choose but with her hypermobility and lack of strength in her legs, riding a bike has been a slow process. At 6 years old she still uses stabilisers and lacks in confidence to the point she sometimes cries when we take her out on her bike. P2 however is much stronger than her sister and part of me feels terrible that P1 is gradually getting to the stage that where her sisters will out-develop her. We were sent the FirstBIKE Racing Red Balance Biketo test out for P2. I felt so excited for her as she is a little bit of a daredevil and I knew she’d enjoy it.

On first glimpse of the bike it looks, dare I say it, very basic and simple but this little bike is actually full of features;

  • The frame is made from 30% Glass Fiber reinforced Nylon composite. It basic terms it is very light weight, doesn’t scratch, rust or splinter and is weatherproof.
  • There are five tire options to choose from with FirstBIKE; Basic (for indoor use or places like a nursery), Street (for urban, concrete or packed dirt surfaces),  Cross (for off-road adventures with grass or gravel), Racing (for a mixture of off-road and paved use) and the Limited.
  • The drum brake is safe for little fingers and the hand brake power can be adjusted to ensure a gentle and gradual braking.
  • The handlebars are not fully rotatable which helps to prevent rough falls and a smoother easier experience of learning to steer. The handlebars have also got safety grip features with little paw prints over the hand part and the end bits are slightly bigger preventing little hands from slipping off the ends.
  • The saddle is designed to cup your bottom helping to prevent your child from slipping off when going up or downhill.
  • Mudguards and sealed bearings make this bike super safe and easy to ride.

hold firstBIKE

The FirstBIKE Racing Red Balance Red is really simple to put together and took hubby about 10 minutes. It comes with two different style reflective stickers and P2 chose the checkered option. We were also given a lowering kit which means that The FirstBIKE Racing Red Balance Bike is now suitable from as young as 22 months. P2 isn’t exactly small for her age (28 months) but I do find that The FirstBIKE Racing Red Balance Bike is just the right height for her using the lowering kit.

The idea of a balance bike over a pedal bike is that they are using their own power to balance and push with their legs. Balance is the most important part in learning to ride and with pedal bikes this is usually the last thing you learn and probably why P1 is finding it such a struggle. The idea is that over time your child will become more confident in their strides and glide for longer distances.

firstBIKE Racing Red

I could tell that P2 was super nervous. This was a big girls bike and she was in control. Once she got on it and had a little go, she loved it. Now her steering certainly needs some practice and there’s no way she’s fast enough to glide at all yet but it was lovely to watch her ride a bike by herself. I love how the bike is so light weight that even a person of my size can still carry it comfortably. It’s super easy to clean as well.


We’ve been taking the bike to the park where there’s grass and bouncy surfaces to practice. We need to get her her own safety helmet for when she’s more confident and can go on the path with us. I honestly thought that balance bikes would be a bit of a gimmicky thing as I’d never researched into them very much but I can really see this helping P2 to learn to ride a pedal bike. I can even see P1 using this as it is also the right height for her at the moment as she is a very diddy 6 year old!

The FirstBIKE Racing Red Balance Bike costs £109.99 which is clearly not a cheap bike and the quality of the bike really does reflect the price. With the other tire options there is a bike to suit all budgets ranging from £69.99 to £119.99.



Value for Money

A really excellent quality balance bike helping to teach children and toddlers to ride a bike from a younger age. Giving confidence and development.

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