Fisher-Price Grow-With-Me Highchair Review

I was very excited when I was asked to review a high chair for Fisher-Price. Especially as it’s completely brand new and not many have had the chance to even see it yet! We were fast approaching the weaning stages.
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My OH fixed all the pieces together. It was very straightforward and took no time at all. I always like to get a man to fix it as they never follow instructions so you can really get a good opinion when they say it was easy to put together or not.
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The Fisher-Price Grow-With-Me highchair can be turned into a toddler chair which makes it an excellent buy. The highchair also features:

Rubbery anti slip feet…20130813-080255 AM.jpg
A foot tray…20130813-080325 AM.jpg
The tray has two positions and an anti slip ring to prevent a bowl or plate from sliding everywhere…20130813-080431 AM.jpg

20130813-080439 AM.jpg
The seat is cushioned and washable…20130813-080545 AM.jpg
The highchair arrived right at the beginning of our weaning journey, P2 absolutely loved being a big girl and sitting up at the table. It’s made mealtimes so much easier. I would have preferred a highchair with a recline feature, but the Grow-With-Me is perfect. It’s very easy to clean, it’s actually not very large and folds flat, it’s lightweight, it’s dishwasher safe (the tray), its height adjustable and its going to last until P2 is a toddler so fantastic for value.

I have a favourite thing about this highchair though, when it gets to the end of P2s dinner she tends to get in a struggle, she’ll arch her back and is nearly impossible to comfortably get her out of anywhere with straps, this highchair has straps that you have to clip onto the side bits first, so when she does struggle they just unclip and I can get her out with absolutely no fuss!!

You can buy this online in Argos for £99.99 or in Tesco for £89.50!

Here’s some of P2s moments in her highchair:
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20130813-081733 AM.jpg

20130813-081742 AM.jpg

20130813-081801 AM.jpg

20130813-081812 AM.jpg

(This product was sent to me free of charge by Fisher-Price for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own!)

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A very durable, quick cleaning, easy to use high chair.

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