Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn at The Baby Show Olympia

I was invited to attend The Baby Show Olympia with the girls by Fisher-Price. I was really excited as this was my first event that I’d been invited to thanks to my blog. I was very nervous about travelling on the train with both girls, the first time I went as a mum of two I had the help of my Grandad and Mum. This time I was going it alone!!

The whole situation would be a lot easier if P1 was an average child of her age; able to walk at a decent pace, not get so tired and not fall over as easy. We never bought a double buggy because we didn’t see a time when we’d need one, we didn’t anticipate trips to London alone, so I went on a search for double to borrow. Luckily, it was quite simple and a lovely lady from nearby offered her Phil & Teds double buggy.
20131027-093450 am.jpgThe train journey was just as I’d imagined it to be! Awkward. I swear the people who built trains and stations just didn’t think about parents with prams or children. Let alone disabled people! The double buggy weighed a tonne or more.

When we arrived I was very hot and bothered. I probably looked a state when I stopped at the TotsBots, gNappies and then BumGenius stands! Notice a theme there… I eventually found the Fisher-Price stand and I was on time! I finally got to meet the lady behind Richmond Mummy who I’ve followed for my whole blogging life.

We all were taken upstairs to our own private “party” and it was a chance to be told about the Laugh & Learn range.

There was food…
20131027-112850 am.jpg

20131027-112902 am.jpg
Toys, bubbles and an entertainer…
20131027-113102 am.jpg

20131027-113118 am.jpg

20131027-113129 am.jpg
Front row seats to watch Puppy & Sis on the stage…
20131027-113250 am.jpg
And some free goodies to review…
20131027-113415 am.jpg
And that was just the Fisher-Price part of my day! I also managed to grab myself a new buggy to review, alcohol-free wine and a baby yoga CD. Plus we had plenty of fun just looking at all the exciting stands and receiving some fantastic advice.

I would definitely recommend taking someone with you if you have a buggy AND to not pack coats. We were far too hot!
20131027-113712 am.jpg
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  1. Was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous girlies 🙂 xx

  2. Looked an amazing day x

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