Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer Review

I jumped at the chance of reviewing a Fisher-Price bouncer! With P1 I always found it such a struggle to find a bouncer that suited her needs – she was fussy! A basic, cheap bouncer didn’t settle her. A swinging one with music didn’t settle her. One that went from side to side, music and vibrations also, didn’t settle her. By then she was old enough for one of the ones where they bounce with their legs. That worked!

We received the Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer and started putting it to use straight away. P2 is now at the age that she spends most her awake time happy and taking in her surroundings and it’s hard to keep her amused for any length of time.



The bouncer didn’t take long to put together and took just my OH to do it. I really love the rubber bits on the base to stop the bouncer from sliding around wooden floors – it really works! Especially with a toddler that likes to run past and knock her accidentally. The chair is lined with wipeable fabric which is padded giving P2 a comfy little seat to lay in. The straps are adjustable too which makes it great for P2 who is growing rather quickly now!


The seat actually features vibrations. I personally couldn’t think of anything worse! But P2 absolutely loves it, switch it on and within a few minutes she’s sound asleep.

A feature we really love is the branch. Apart from the fact it has a rather cute musical owl dangling, it’s only half a bar, which means it’s fantastic for getting P2 in and out without bashing her head, or twisting her in weird positions.You just plop her in to the side and fasten her up!


This bouncer is really lightweight, which is fantastic for me as I’m rather small. It also means that the bouncer has become my bath time buddy as I can get P2 up and down the stairs with ease AND manage to keep her asleep in this process too.



The dangling toys on the branch have really caught P2s eyes, they are colourful and jiggle about with the vibrations and rocking motion. We really love this bouncer and it’s definitely become a new addition to our family, it’s even come with us on visits to family because P2 loves being in there.



The bouncer isn’t too expensive for what it does I don’t think. RRP £42.99 but you can get it cheaper. The main retailers are: Argos , Mothercare , Amazon , Tesco , Toys R Us

The only little grumble we have is that the owl doesn’t play music for very long so we have to keep sending P1 over to give the owl a little tug. Although that does keep P1 amused for a little while as well as P2!

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Value for money
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Brilliant bouncer!

A lovely designed bouncer chair for baby. Bold colours and sweet little owl character. Music could last longer.

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