FlipBelt Nuclear Yellow Review

I stopped running for a little bit the past few weeks. Life and blog work has been super busy, I wanted to focus on the children a bit more and enjoy everything. But with the weather so beautiful I have started running again and have been using my new FlipBelt too.


When I first started running I never even thought about the things I’d need to take with me on a run. It didn’t even occur to me that I needed somewhere to store my phone for instance. Then my MiL said she’d just purchased a FlipBelt. I immediately went to have a little look.

The FlipBelt is made from top quality MicroPoly wicking spandex-lycra blend fabric which means that it is designed to pull moisture away from your skin to drier areas, the outer fabric. The stretchy material means that it is suitable for all different shapes and sizes of mobile phone.

I have just purchased the iPhone 6 Plus which is one of the largest smartphones on the market at the moment and this fits comfortably in the FlipBelt. There is also internal hooks for clipping keys, something I completely forgot about as when I go for a run Hubby is always in to let me back in the house.


The FlipBelt has openings all the way around the belt. It’s super easy to slip on and fits snug but very comfortable on your hips. I was worried that is may start riding up, or even worse, down whilst running or exercising but it really doesn’t. They have several sizes; Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large so there’s a FlipBelt to suit absolutely every body.

There are 9 colours to pick from; Aqua, Carbon, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Neon Green, Neon Punch, Nuclear Yellow, Royal Blue and Violet. They cost £25 which is quite pricey but it’s become a necessary part of my fitness and running journey and has solved my issues of finding places to put things.

flipbelt close


Value for Money

Giving a comfortable, secure place to hold your belongings when exercising.

User Rating: 4.4 ( 2 votes)

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