Fly Away

You are all going to think I’m really pathetic with this post but it has to be done.

This weather has been amazing. I hate how everyone complains about the cold, wet typical British weather, yet moan when it’s wonderfully hot and sunny!! Why?! I’ve been making use of my Grandparents, MiL and finally our garden at any given opportunity. Therefore, I have some lovely little strap marks which need to be removed before my wedding…

The bad news about hot weather, flies. Seriously, what is the point in flies? They fly straight into you, buzz about your face, ears and eyes, sit on poop then rub the grubby little mits all over your food that you’ve just slaved over!!

My mum has been overly frustrated with them. Our house has become fly heaven, literally hundreds crawling up the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture and occasionally sitting on poor P2s head! So she took drastic, called for, action against them. My mum bought fly tape.

It’s sticky, gets in the way and doesn’t look very great. But my gosh it works! Within minutes we’d caught several flies. However, on closer inspection I feel slightly sorry for the fly. They are stuck, either unable to move their legs or stuck attached by their wings. This just seems cruel and like torture.

I love the decrease in me flapping my arms about, but hate walking past knowing there’s lots of unhappy flies slowly dying before my eyes. There you go… Pathetic post done with.
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