“For once I don’t feel annoyed or like I’m losing sleep”

It’s 6am. I’ve been awake an hour with P3. For once I don’t feel annoyed or like I’m losing sleep. I’m worried. Anxious about the day ahead.

Yesterday, we had our routine visit from the midwife and we met our health visitor for the first time. The MW weighed P3 – she’s now 7lbs 6oz! We discussed her snuffles and the MW expressed her concerns with the fact she still has slight jaundice and would potentially need a blood test depending on the HV’s opinion in the afternoon. Other than that, my womb/uterus has returned to its correct place and size and apparently my abdominal muscles are fusing back together nicely. I was discharged from her care.

When the HV came we spent a long time talking about our current situation, family history and the other two girls. Overall she was here for about an hour and a half. The HV agreed with the MW about her jaundice and thinks she needs a blood test. Then she measured her head and another concern came to light. At birth P3s head circumference was 32cm and it’s now 36cm. It’s gone from the 9th percentile to the 75th in just two weeks. The HV says it could be three things; the original measurement was wrong due to the nature of her arrival, her head was “squeezed” during birth and it’s fattening out or it’s grown rapidly. Whichever one she suggested that we get her examined by the GP. She’s also concerned by her large, but not bulging, fontanelle.

This morning we’ve got an appointment back at the hospital to get a blood test to check her jaundice and whilst there her head will be checked. I’m feeling nervous. Although I know things are most likely going to be fine, it feels like we’re on the edge of something awful happening. That something could be wrong with our precious newborn.

So she may have had me up a few times in the night to feed and then wide awake from 5am but for today, I don’t care. Making sure she’s healthy is our main goal for today.

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