“For the first time ever I chose to tidy”

Following my post on how frustrated I was with my lack of motivation, I’d like to share with you something that may shock you.

Tonight, I’ve had what seems like forever without P1 and my hubby. P1 has gone to her Great-Grandad’s for a sleepover and a “Great-Grandad day” tomorrow. My hubby has gone out with one of his friends for the evening. That left just P2 and me to potter about the house.

I had some decisions to make… Enjoy myself, put my feet up and watch some telly or tidy. For the first time ever I chose to tidy. The. Whole. House. It took a solid five hours with only stopping for our dinner. P2 enjoyed crawling around everything and was really entertained by it all.

I’m embarrassed to show you the before photos, but to get a true “wow” I thought it was best that I be honest about the mess. I am warning you though, it isn’t pretty (please excuse the really poor PANO taking)……

Kitchen before –
20131129-092343 pm.jpgKitchen after –
20131129-092402 pm.jpg
Lounge before –Lounge after –
Upstairs hall before –20131129-092842 pm.jpgUpstairs hall after –20131129-092853 pm.jpg
Shower room before –20131129-093105 pm.jpgShower room after –
Our bedroom before –20131129-093427 pm.jpgOur bedroom after –20131129-093440 pm.jpg
Girls bedroom before –Girls bedroom after –To the people who know me… Are you proud of me?! I certainly am thrilled with the effort I’ve made tonight. Absolutely exhausted now and will probably fall asleep on the sofa before my hubby gets home, but at least I can focus on the girls this weekend and enjoy my day tomorrow with hubby and P1. He’s meant to be taking us to Toby Carvery for breakfast… If he remembers.

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