Frankie & Benny’s Festive Menu Review

Hubby and I wanted to treat my MiL, BiL and her partner to a Christmas meal to thank them for the unconditional love and support they’ve given us this past year. We’d discussed several places we could go and then Frankie & Benny’s asked me to review their Festive Menu. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to treat the family without breaking our pockets too much.

With Hubby being a discount freak, he did a little research and found out they have a 25% off your bill from 5pm on Mondays. So we booked to visit our local restaurant in Orpington for Monday 1st – a fantastic way to start the countdown to Christmas!


We were greeted by friendly staff who showed us to our seats. We had a little wait until my MiL & Co arrived so the FAB staff sorted the girls out with a festive children’s pack and a couple of balloons and Hubby and I were sorted with drinks.

I’d already had a sneak at the festive menu at home so knew exactly what I wanted. The thing I love about the FAB festive menu is the choices! It’s not just one or two dishes, Turkey Roast, that you’d expect from a Christmas meal. The variety was amazing!! We also sat and chomped on some cheesy garlic bread whilst we picked what food we wanted.


We decided to be little piggies and have a starter. Between the four adults we had; Meatballs Italiano, Prawn Cocktail Wraps and Cheese & Garlic Mushrooms. My choice was the meatballs which I don’t usually have and they were very spicy leaving flavour in mouth. Everything was beautiful cooked and presented.

The children’s food wasn’t on the festive menu but it still had such an array of choice with options for smaller appetites and bigger appetites. The staff brought their food out with our starters which was such a good idea as we had three under 5 to entertain at the table (thank goodness for the sofa/bench style seating with one exit blocked by an adult). My BiL and P1 chose to have the chicken strips with chips which also came with salad, and P3 had sausage and mash with baked beans.


Between the adults we had; Frankie’s Christmas Dinner, Spicy Meat Feast Calzone and the Goat’s Cheese Risotto. Again, all food was so well presented and cooked perfectly. Hubby did say he wasn’t keen on the roast potatoes, which I did agree on, but he’s very particular with potatoes and we tend to have our roasties very crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and I completely understand it’s hard to replicate that in a restaurant.


The whole experience and evening was simply wonderful. It was laid back and we were tended to swiftly. All the staff were so friendly and helpful with the children. The kids were given plastic cups for their drinks which I just had to mention as a lot of restaurants don’t do this.

I also wanted to just highlight and photograph myself breastfeeding inside Frankie & Benny’s. With the recent media of places stopping breastfeeding etc, I wanted to thank FAB for not even batting an eyelid.

Oh and the highlight of the evening for me was learning a bit of Italian whilst I was going for a wee. What a great idea!


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Italian food cooked superbly. Perfect for all the family!

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    Excellent review – our staff dinner is at Frankie and Bennys next week so I’m glad to know the food is good.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  2. It looks like you had a lovely meal! I do like the sound and look of the Prawn Cocktail Wraps 🙂

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