From The Monster Within

I was P1-free today. This morning I was really looking forward to it but by midday everything was far too quiet and I was getting bored of watching episode after episode of CSI!

I was so excited to have P1 home but when she arrived I got told she’s not been behaving too great at my Grandparents regarding meal times – embarrassing! She’s been doing so well recently. After about 10minutes of arriving home P1 managed to get herself put on the naughty step. She’d been caught drawing over her Furby!!

My OH and I had just sat down to eat a lovely chicken and bacon pasta bake when I watched P1 climb inside her toy box and look rather suspicious. She was wetting herself!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite being reminded to go if she needed to when she arrived home.

My OH took her straight to bed. After clearing up I joined him for support in disciplining her. It felt like a war had suddenly spiralled into our home. She was kicking, shouting, crying, begging, running away, pulling on the door handle. oh the list goes on.

Eventually after about 40minutes and me balling my eyes out at the top of the stairs whilst my OH held the door shut – P1 settled down or gave in. P1 didn’t get her usual bedtime story and it felt like I was being punished too as I love our bed-reading times. I know we did the right thing by not giving in to her though.

It was so upsetting. Which led to me having a major pregnancy breakdown and once again crying on my OHs shoulders. I’m such a hormonal wreck!

All I can say is that I really hope I sleep well tonight as I’m exhausted. Originally I was going to post tonight about the dinner I had made but unfortunately other things have taken over my mind so here’s just a picture:


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